“European Voice Archive” brings together testimonies of European integration – Observe

A “European Voice Archive”, bringing together some fifty interviews with personalities from all over the European Union born before the Second World War, was launched this week to help “understand how the idea of ​​Europe came to be. formed ”.

Portuguese university professor and politician Adriano Moreira is one of the interviewees for the project, an initiative of a group of young people from different countries created in Germany after ‘Brexit’ to reflect on European identity , “Arbeit an Europa”, which is part of this project with the partnership of the Goethe Institute, under the German Presidency of the European Union (EU).

“The problem of the struggle for the unity of Europe is fascinating. Because Europe has no natural borders […]. What really identified Europe was the creation of great valuations that were shared despite the differences, ”says Adriano Moreira, in the 2019 interview.

Describing the EU as an economic project “in constant growth”, which “creates a kind of internal hierarchy” based on the superiority, economic or scientific, of certain countries compared to others, Adriano Moreira quotes the memories of Jean Monnet, where the politician Le français, considered by many to be the architect of the European Union, writes: “If it was today, it wouldn’t start with the economy, it would start with culture”.

Adriano Moreira’s interview is part of the first group of six already published, followed by the rest, broadcast until the end of the German presidency on December 31.

On the basis of this dossier, the Goethe Institut has launched the “Talk to me about Europe” project and plans to organize a series of events in the coming months in several European countries.

The interviews, posted on the “Arbeit an Europa” site and on the Goethe Institut page, were conducted to “preserve the stories” of “the few witnesses capable of telling the history of Europe in the 20th century”, explains the group in a press release.

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