Voices (And Posters) That Rise Through Time Begin To Be Heard In Streets Around The World | Climate strike

With posters in hand and masks on their faces, climate activists have already started taking to the streets around the world. They warn that “there is no planet B” and demand climate justice. In Sweden, Greta Thunberg is present with the usual poster – the same one that has accompanied her since the day she started skipping school in 2018, to protest for the climate, pushing millions of young people around the world to do so. the same.

In Portugal, demonstrations against the climate crisis are marked in the cities of the country: in Alcácer do Sal, Pico and Setúbal, they have already started. The events of Alcanena, Aveiro, Coimbra, Évora, Lisbon, Montijo, Porto and Guimarães are scheduled this Friday afternoon.

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