San Sebastián Festival explains director Eugene Green for not wearing a mask | Cinema

The Franco-American filmmaker Eugène Green was expelled this week from the Festival of San Sebastián, in the Basque Country (Spain), for refusing to use a mask correctly inside a screening room, a mandatory health measure in the fight against the covid epidemic. 19 in almost all European countries. North American but naturalized French, Green has toured several times in Portugal.

The “unpleasant incident”, as the Spanish film festival explains in a press release, took place on Wednesday during the screening of Atarrabi and Mikelats, a feature film by the filmmaker which addresses Basque mythology and was presented in a section outside the competition. . According to the festival, “it was [ao realizador] five times by the festival staff to put on the mask and do it correctly ”, but“ finally, faced with his lack of cooperation, the festival management asked him to leave the hall ”.

The press release dated Friday added that the festival withdrew Eugene Green’s accreditation, “for lack of respect for the measures adopted in agreement with the health authorities and festival staff, and for endangering the health of spectators. and the team. of the film during and after the screening ”.

Last year Eugène Green, who is also a writer, essayist, playwright, director and actor, created the documentary Lisboa Revisitada at the Serralves Foundation in Porto as part of a retrospective dedicated to the work of the director of A Religiosa Portuguesa (2009), an adaptation of the Portuguese letters attributed to Mariana Alcoforado. In 2018, the director created the short film How Fernando Pessoa Saved Portugal, which stages the episode of the Portuguese poet’s creation of the Coca-Cola advertising slogan.

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In competition for the Zabaltegi-Tabakalera Prize, the most open of the festival, are the Portuguese feature films by Catarina Vasconcelos, The Metamorphosis of the Birds, by Marta Sousa Ribeiro, Simon Chama, and the short film Perpetual Night, by Pedro Peralta.

The San Sebastian Film Festival, which ends this weekend and opened the 68th edition with Woody Allen’s new film Rifkin’s Festival, has already awarded the Donostia Prize to Viggo Mortensen, an honorary distinction for the actor who this year presented Falling, his directorial debut.

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