Citizens’ cards awaiting delivery will be sent by post | Covid-19

If you are over 18 and have not yet made an appointment (until October 31) to collect your citizen card, you should receive it at home, free of charge. The measure was announced this Friday by the government and intends to accelerate the delivery of more than 100,000 citizen cards including the pandemic covid-19 shipment left in suspense and avoid travel to counters. According to the government, this is an exceptional measure applied at the time of the pandemic, so it is not yet expected to become a permanent delivery method.

The measure will cover those who have renewed their citizen’s card in person (registration desk: conservatories, citizen shops or citizens’ spaces), online or in a simplified manner (via SMS or email). To be eligible for this delivery, you must also have your cell phone or email number associated with your Citizen Card, so that you can be contacted to confirm the details of the card delivery.

Delivery via CTT will be applied to the whole of the national territory, but will start at the counters with the greatest number of citizen cards pending.

The Minister for Modernization of the State and Public Administration, Alexandra Leitão, believes that these measures will resolve the outstanding problems accumulated until the end of the year. “All those who already have deliveries planned, will have their delivery date in advance,” promised the minister, welcoming the collaboration of the Ministry of Justice.

The government also recalls that since September 16, cards renewed in citizens’ areas can be collected at the same place. The measure was limited to 38 citizen spaces (16 in the metropolis of Lisbon and 22 in Porto), but will increase to around 100 “in the coming weeks,” the minister said.

How it works?
For the operationalization of the issuance of the card, the Institute of Registers and Notaries (IRN) will send an SMS / e-mail, 48 hours in advance, informing the citizens of the delivery of the citizen card to their home (via 915 692 970). “We wanted to give you the number so that people can identify you and not think it is spam or misleading advertising,” Secretary of State for Justice Anabela Pedroso told the conference. press release this morning.

Do I have to pay any additional fees?
No. The measure will have a cost of 120 thousand euros for the state coffers, but the holders will not have to pay any amount on delivery by courier.

What should I do after receiving the SMS or the email?
If you want your card delivered to you by post, you don’t have to do anything. If you prefer to pick it up in person at one of the counters, you must reply to the message you received with “No” within 48 hours.

It’s certain?
The government guarantees that the mode of delivery will be safe, and specifies that when the citizen card is issued, the citizen will be invited by the duly accredited CTT worker to present an official document with photograph (such as a citizen passport card or expired driver’s license).

What if I’m not home?
If you are not at home when the card is handed over, you must collect your citizen card at the CTT counter, indicated on the delivery notice that was left in the mailbox, within six working days. Alternatively, the citizen can use the SIGA service (service provided by CTT) which will make it possible to change the place of delivery, to an address of his preference (which will not change the address on the citizen’s card).

When you receive the card is it immediately valid?
No. The citizen card is activated centrally by the justice services within 48 hours of confirmation of delivery.

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I have a digital signature. How do I do it?
In this case, it will be necessary to proceed with the planning to activate this feature, via the website, and this activation can be done at any IRN service desk. The activation of the certificates of the citizen card and the mobile digital key make it possible to identify oneself on electronic platforms, to digitally sign documents, to access numerous digital, public and private services, in particular for the payment of taxes. and social security or banking services.

Will this be a permanent change?
At the moment, there is no such indication. Minister Alexandra Leitão stressed that this is an exceptional solution for this pandemic context and that its application will be “reassessed” before deciding whether or not it will be a permanent change. The Minister of Justice, Francisca Van Dunem, also affirms that these are “provisional measures to resolve the situation in this context”.

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