Kremlin chief proposes cooperation: Putin does not want to interfere in elections – and demands the same from Trump policies

Russian President Vladimir Putin has called on the US to give each other assurances that they will not interfere in elections and to cooperate more closely on information and communications technology.

In a statement circulated by the Kremlin on Friday, Putin proposed to “give each other assurances that they would not be in internal affairs, including elections” and to agree on “practical measures” together. The Russian president called on the US to “restart” bilateral relations in this area. Putin also proposed a global agreement against cyber attacks.

According to estimates by the US intelligence services, Russia was heavily involved in the US presidential elections in 2016, mainly through hacker attacks and the spread of manipulative messages in online networks.

These alleged Russian interventions targeted, among other things, the then Democratic Party presidential candidate Hillary Clinton. Allegations that Russia, in consultation with current US President Donald Trump’s team, tried to influence the election to get him in office could not be proven.

Trump has been showing for weeks that he does not want to give up his presidency under any circumstances. American intelligence services have been warning for months that foreign countries could interfere in the elections. In July it was announced that ‘Russian actors’ wanted to disrupt the parliamentary elections in Great Britain with cyber attacks in 2019 as well. (AFP, Tsp)

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