Parliament takes unprecedented decision and approves three committees of inquiry for Novo Banco | New bank

The proposals of the BE, the PS and the Liberal Initiative for the creation of a commission of inquiry into the losses of Novo Banco were approved at the Assembly of the Republic, this Friday, in an unprecedented decision because simultaneous . The text of each proposal will now be merged into one document so that there is only one commission.

BE unanimously succeeded in its inquiry proposal, but the proposals of the PS and the Liberal Initiative were also approved with favorable votes from all the benches except the PSD bench (which voted against in the two cases).

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Only Chega’s proposal to open an investigation into the financing of political campaigns by the Espírito Santo group was unsuccessful, with votes in favor of the CDS, the PAN, the BE and the unregistered MP Cristina Rodrigues, votes against the PSD and the PS and abstention from PCP, PEV, Liberal Initiative and Joacine Katar Moreira.

After the vote, the Acting President of the Assembly of the Republic, Fernando Negrão, stressed that the approval of three commissions of inquiry on the same subject “is the first time that this has happened” and put in the ‘review of the benches how to turn the initiatives into one only. This work is generally done in committee, but as Telmo Correia, head of the CDS bench, “there is no committee specializing in committees of inquiry”. On the proposal of the Social Democrat Duarte Pacheco, the parliamentary services “will add” the various points of the three proposals in a single text which will be validated by all at a conference of leaders and which will then be signed by the President of the Assembly of the Republic.

BE’s proposal was approved, which focuses on “new bank losses attributed to resolution fund”; PS’s proposal which focuses on “the losses recorded by Novo Banco charged to the Resolution Fund” and that of IL which targets “the reasons for the losses of Novo Banco”.

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