Benfica report and accounts approved by large majority | National football

The management report on the accounts of Sport Lisboa e Benfica for the 2019-20 season was approved this Friday, during the General Assembly held in Estádio da Luz, with a majority of 71.18%, the club announced on its official website.

The ordinary GA of the “incarnated”, whose sole purpose was to assess and vote on the management report, the accounts for the 2019-20 financial year and other accounting documents, recorded a favorable vote of 71.18% of partners (39,357 votes), against 27.76% of the votes against (15,348).

In the vote, in which 1,992 members participated, representing 55,292 votes, there was still 1.06% of the members (587) who abstained.

The report shows a positive net result of almost 27 million euros, strongly influenced by the profits of SAD. This is the second best performance in the past seven years, in a period that shows cumulative positive results of 137.8 million euros and which has strengthened the club’s equity funds, now valued at 31.9 million euros. euros, with an increase in assets. 25.6% and a reduction in liabilities of 2.7%.

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