Mad Nomad launches his first album, “Untamed”, with concert at Casa da Cerca (and on PÚBLICO’s Facebook) | The music

The record arrived on digital platforms on Friday and 24 hours later it will be performed live in another Há Música na Casa da Cerca concert in Almada. This time, the stage is given over to the Mad Nomad project, by Catarina dos Santos, which presents her brand new album, Untamed, which combines jazz, hip hop, samples and spoken word. However, as covid-19 changed the touring times for records and concerts, it was pre-recorded in the gardens of Casa da Cerca in July, without an audience, remaining unreleased until the date of its transmission, via the Facebook of the Casa. da Cerca and also on the PÚBLICO Facebook page, this Saturday at 9:30 p.m.

Born in Barreiro in 1977, Catarina dos Santos studied at António Arroio, Lisbon, in grade 12, and painting at the Faculty of Fine Arts. “At the same time, I was studying at the Hot Club, I took the whole Hot course and I was part of the Hot scene at the time,” the singer tells PÚBLICO. Until he decided to go to New York, for good reason: “The need to study more and better. We have great teachers here, but I really wanted to get involved and study at a higher level. And there were many of us: I belong to the generation of Nuno Costa, Óscar Marcelino da Graça (my colleague in the group), Afonso Pais, Joana Machado. I went to study with Sheila Jordan, which was cheaper, and I took classes with amazing teachers. Ron Carter taught me! It was phenomenal.

From New York to London

When she arrived in New York City in 2003, Catarina was 26. “I was there ten years, even in Manhattan, and escaping gentrification in Brooklyn, Queens, because the rents go up a lot. So I know the whole city well. When I came back I wanted to do a master’s in sound, something that involved more of an album sound design, synthesis, electronics. I already came from a musical tradition from a previous work, which I did in New York, and I wanted to expand this knowledge to produce my albums. So I went to London to study at Goldsmiths University.

But it was still in New York (where she studied, among others, with John Pattitucci, Sheila Jordan, Neil Clark, Paquito de Rivera, Jim Black, Luciana Souza and Duduka da Fonseca) that Catarina began to sketch what was going become Mad Nomad. : “On the one hand, we have to talk a bit about my experience as an immigrant, who was born in New York when I decided to leave the city – which is a very intense city and a little difficult to leave. Then spoken poems started coming out, something absurd, and I didn’t really know what was going on.

He then took these poems to London, thinking that this was exactly what he should give his master’s degree: “My own identity, transmuted by all the experiences I have had, because I come from a family of the petty bourgeoisie and that I always had to work a lot to pay for what I wanted to do until now, which gave me a lot of strength. Thus Mad Nomad was born from these poems, ready to be used, and a great need to further explore electronic music and the construction of sound itself. And London was perfect, because it allows this continuity of experiences that I have lived, with even more stories.

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Digital vinyl, even a book

The disc, Untamed, which for now is only available on digital platforms, will have a physical edition later this year and an expansion on other media, like videos or even a book. “We imagine a whole visual work after the release of the disc. And we were very happy, because Sérgio Milhano mixed this album. He looked at what I was bringing from London and said ‘let’s work on this’. He really liked the music and we kept going. After the digital edition there will be a vinyl one, later we build it. It will be a very beautiful object and very consistent with the context of the lyrics. And we are always thinking of making available to people a book that is a kind of diary for this album, but also stories that are inside the lyrics, a little more in prose, but telling a bit of everything. this trip.

Mad Nomad, both on record and live, is a quintet: Catarina Santos (vocals, pedals, composition), Óscar Graça (synthesizers), Hugo Antunes (electric bass, pedals), Luís Candeias (acoustic and electronic drums) and André Pinheiro (laptop, sampling). “We’ve been friends for a long time,” Catarina says. “I studied with Luís Candeias; Óscar is one of Nuno Costa’s best friends, with whom I played a lot when I was here, and we also met in the same environment, that of jazz; Hugo Antunes is also from Barreiro and is a musician that I admire a lot; the only one I didn’t really know was André Pinheiro, Hugo’s friend, who is the one who creates live electronically.

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