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Almost 172,000 taxpayers have signed up for direct debit tax payment, eight out of ten using this feature to pay municipal property tax (IMI) and single road tax (IUC).

As of March 2018, IUC, IMI, IRC and IRS as well as down payments and down payment plans can be paid by debiting the account. In August of this year, this functionality was extended to VAT, which has so far had 152 memberships.

In response to Lusa, the official source from the Tax and Customs Authority (AT) said that the total number of taxpayers who have signed up for direct debit since 2018 and up to August 31, 2020 stands at 171,867, a number that is compares to 29,066 registered at the end of 2018.

Half (50.02%) of this universe uses this feature to pay IMI by direct debit, a tax that represents 85,963 memberships, to which 52,155 (30.4%) are added in the IUC.

This feature is still used by 16,912 taxpayers to pay the IRS, and 12,530 subscriptions have also been recorded for installment plan payments.

The deductions for installments and IRC have recorded, to date, 2,853 and 1,302 taxpayers respectively, or about 2.4% of the total.

In terms of VAT, the 152 adherences observed reflect the fact that the direct debit functionality was only available in August and also that this tax must meet requirements that do not apply to others.

According to the same official source, membership in the VAT domiciliation is only possible “for taxpayers with a VAT activity open at the time of membership and to pay the self-assessment tax only following the submission of periodic declarations. “.

In addition, “the decision to pay and the amount to be paid by direct debit for VAT is taken at the time of submission / submission of the declaration on the finance portal”, it is not enough to have an active membership like this. is the case with other taxes.

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Direct Debit was designed to give the taxpayer full control over how much, what taxes, and even when they want to pay in this way. In other words, after signing up, it is possible to choose the taxes to be processed by direct debit, the length of time you wish to do so and even to associate a limit value.

The AT data indicate that of the 171,867 member taxpayers, the overwhelming majority (160,336) is unique. The remainder is divided into 10,995 collectives (companies) and 576 “special” (undivided inheritances).

Direct debit eliminates the risk of the taxpayer forgetting to pay the tax (s) on time and being subject to fines and fees.

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