Steinmeier on the problem of right-wing extremism: “Enemies of democracy should not be tolerated in the police” – politics

Federal President Frank-Walter Steinmeier, at the commemoration of the 40th anniversary of the attack on the Oktoberfest, called for consistent action against right-wing extremism by the police.

“Enemies of freedom and democracy should not be tolerated by the police. Everything must be done to expose right-wing extremist networks where they are, ” Steinmeier said on Saturday in Munich in view of right-wing extremist suspicious cases at the police in North Rhine-Westphalia.

“Right-wing extremism has deep roots in our society”. He trusts the police and knows what the officers are doing. You earned trust. “The police leaders and politicians cannot tolerate a climate in which they arise and can be covered by others.”

Steinmeier raised the issue of possible recurring deficits in the prosecution of far-right acts. “Are right-wing extremist networks in law enforcement too rarely noticed and even rarely taken seriously?” Asked Steinmeier.

Steinmeier: The terror of the right-wing terror is near again

The history of right-wing extremist acts allows two answers. “Either the realization that these hit men also have an environment, are integrated into networks or are inspired by them, came late – too late. Or, second alternative: this knowledge was deliberately disregarded. “

Steinmeier was referring to the murder of the terrorist cell NSU, which had been misunderstood for years. The terror of the right-wing terror is near again, “now, after the murder of Walter Lübcke, after the acts of Halle and Hanau”. Errors must be recognized and corrected – “with all emphasis and seriousness,” Steinmeier said.

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“Looking the other way is no longer allowed.” This is true after the attack on the Oktoberfest, after the NSU trial, after the threat letters from NSU 2.0, after weapons finds and enemy lists of so-called prepper groups with ties to Bundeswehr reservists, after the discovery of a far-right chat group within the police. North Rhine-Westphalia.

After the right-wing extremist incidents at the Corona demo in Berlin, Federal President Steinmeier took a clear position:

In the worst right-wing extremist attack in the history of the Federal Republic of Germany on September 26, 1980, a bomb tore to death twelve Oktoberfest visitors and the far-right bomber Gundolf Koehler. More than 200 people were injured.

The federal prosecutor’s office had discovered after a new investigation that Koehler was acting for extreme right-wing motives. In the 1980s, the attack was officially portrayed as an individual act of personal frustration. Justice is now considering paying the survivors more compensation.

Before Steinmeier’s 40th anniversary speech, survivors of the Oktoberfest attack had impressively described their story and called for a fight against the right. “I would finally like to climb a mountain again, cycle around Lake Starnberg. I just want to march painlessly through the zoo for three hours or dance briskly, ”73-year-old Renate Martinez said at a memorial service Saturday.

The Prime Minister of Bavaria, Söder, apologizes

Above all, she wished the perpetrators to be convicted “and put in jail where these multiple murderers had long belonged”. Such crimes should never happen again. Dimitrios Lagkadinos (57), who has lost both legs, warned: “The worldview of right-wing extremism is fueled by hatred and exclusion and rarely comes from individuals, but is organized and networked.”

The Prime Minister of Bavaria, Markus Söder (CSU), apologized at the time for misjudgments and failures. “I am sorry and I apologize for the mistakes that have been made in the investigation, but also in the assessment,” said Söder at the memorial on the Theresienwiese on Saturday. He speaks as prime minister and legal successor to all other prime ministers, but also as responsible for the Free State.

“Anyone who underestimates right-wing extremists is sinning against democracy,” said Söder. He made a “protection promise”: “We will not allow right-wing extremism, hatred, anti-Semitism, racism to be tolerated, accepted or in any way underestimated.” On the contrary, the Free State will oppose it with all its might. Söder paid special tribute to the victims – the relatives and survivors. “We bow,” said the prime minister. “We will never forget this day.” (Dpa)

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