OE2021: If the PS wants to negotiate, there is no reason to need Rui Rio, says Catarina Martins

The Bloco de Esquerda (BE) coordinator said on Saturday that her party remains available to negotiate the state budget for 2021 and sees no reason why the PS and the government need the PSD led by Rui Rio.

“Surely, if the PS wants to build them on the left, it will not need to negotiate with Rui Rio,” Catarina Martins told reporters after a visit to an exhibition of Alfredo Cunha photographs, at the Galeria Municipal Artur Bual, in Amadora.

The BE coordinator considered that “it is not for the President of the Republic”, Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa, to find solutions for the approval of the budget and expressed her conviction that “these solutions will come from the parliament, whatever the government wants ”.

“So there is no reason why the government needs Rui Rio, unless the PS does not want to negotiate with BE. We are here to build solutions, ”he said.

This Friday, at the entrance of the PSD National Council, the party leader responded to calls from Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa to opposition parties to guarantee the approval of the State Budget (OE), even if the left disagrees, saying that the pressure is for “the political solution found” and not for the PSD.

“If the President of the Republic said that there must be a state budget and that there must not be a crisis, the pressure is not on me, it is on the solution found: PCP, BE, PS or PS with one, “he said. And he added that for the moment the PSD “is on the bench waiting for the match to begin, that is to say when the government issues the state budget on October 12”.

The leader of the PSD has again raised, as he has done in recent days, any response concerning a possible political crisis to the Prime Minister, António Costa.

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“The head of the PS, in this case also the Prime Minister, was very clear, when he said that the day he needed the PSD to approve the OE, his government no longer made sense,” a- he said, recalling António Costa’s recent interview with the weekly. Express.

A few hours earlier, also in the Algarve, Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa estimated that “the normal in Portugal, since the elections, is for a government supported by the left”, but declared that, “in the case of the budget, if it is not possible to have that support for the left, which is natural “,” the opposition, especially the opposition which aims to lead the government, will think what I thought as leader opposition at the time ”when the current head of state was leading the PSD.

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