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“The Brazilian press fears the candidacy of a soldier more than that of a person convicted of corruption. It seems very suspicious to me, ”said the phrase attributed to Donald Trump in a Facebook post, originally published in 2018, but whose republication on September 19 was again widely shared.

According to the aforementioned post, the President of the United States made this statement during the last presidential elections in Brazil, in which retired military officer Jair Bolsonaro – in the post of captain – was elected Brazilian head of state on October 28, 2018., in the second round of elections. Bolsonaro won more votes than Fernando Haddad, the PT candidate who replaced Lula da Silva, who was convicted of corruption in Operation Lava Jato and who was prevented from standing at the polls.

The post has been shared hundreds of times

Now, there is no record that Donald Trump ever made the statement attributed to him in the Facebook post in question. It’s not on Donald Trump’s official Twitter account, the President’s preferred method of throwing his most provocative and controversial phrases, or even a post of similar content.

The only reference to Brazil by Trump on his official Twitter in 2018 dated October 29, the day after Bolsonaro’s election victory, in which the head of the United States wrote: “We agree that Brazil and the United States working together for commercial, military and everything in between!

At the same time, there is no trace in the media, neither in Brazil nor in the United States, of Trump’s sentence criticizing the Brazilian press. In fact, the statement falsely attributed to the US president appears listed as one of the pieces of disinformation identified in the “Supporters of Jair de Bolsonaro” group, during the 2018 elections in a study of the social communication course, at the University. Federal of Viçosa (UFV).

False. There is no trace or reference that Donald Trump ever made such a statement, either on his official Twitter account or in the Brazilian or American media. The expression is also qualified as false in a study from a Brazilian university.

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