Santana Lopes refuses that Aliança is confused with “circus and bandalheira”

The president of the Alliance Party, Pedro Santana Lopes, defended this Saturday in Torres Vedras, in his congress, that the party “cannot be confused with non-democratic parties”, urging the future leader to maintain “the category” .

“We cannot mix with the little shame, between the circus and the bandalheira, with which the Alliance has nothing, nor can it have anything to do”, declared Pedro Santana Lopes, during the congress.

“Confusing the Alliance with other non-democratic parties can only have one reason: to look at the polls and think that they might be elected when they join the Alliance,” he added.

In his farewell to the presidency, he declared that “one cannot be an activist of Aliança e Chega” and “anyone who thinks that it is possible is wrong”, considering that one does not belong to a party because of the “people”, but because of “political problems” And the Alliance, he underlined, defends “the European question”.

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Defending that Aliança is a party unlike any other, “including the one that had a congress last weekend,” Chega, Santana Lopes urged the future leader to maintain “a decent party touch, with category and wisdom go into battle ”.

Regarding the presidential elections, he declared that the party “can wait for the decision” of the current President of the Republic, to defend that “very complicated times are lived and that excessive risks cannot be taken”.

The Aliança congress ends on Sunday in Torres Vedras, in the Lisbon district.

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