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Francisco Bethencourt’s article published in PÚBLICO on September 24 on the compulsory discipline of citizenship in schools, which he has been advocating since the first years of schooling, is masterful. The opposite of the article published the same day by the constitutional expert (!) Jorge Miranda, who believes that this discipline should be compulsory “only for students in the last two or three years of secondary education (…) but without going into sexology (sex education belongs to parents) ”(!), he concludes.

Has this constitutionalist gentleman ever heard of (unwanted) teenage pregnancies? Not even in domestic violence, in marriage, in dating? Or the violence of many academic practices? Does this constitutional gentleman have the idea that many parents will not know, even in 2020, how to talk about sex with their teenagers?

Domicília Costa, Vila Nova de Gaia

Citizen card

The distribution of letters and postal orders via CTT has been the subject of strong criticism due to the poor performance of deliveries. But how to make the employees of the CTT responsible when there are streets in Póvoa de Varzim, in the district of Porto, without toponymic sign for several years? The announcement of the issuance of citizens’ cards via CTT is worrying news in the face of the city’s negligence. After all, what is the point of the povoa toponymy commission? With the constant change of postal distributors, it is not an easy task on these nameless streets.

Ademar Costa, Póvoa de Varzim

Marcelo and the PSD

Isn’t the PSD under illegal pressure from the President of the Republic? I think so: he recently rejected the central blocs and advised the government to come to an agreement with the whole left. Now he’s changed his mind, and after all, it looks like the “middle block” is useful in approving OE2021. Any political analyst, and I who am not, knows that Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa has shown an obsession – he does not want political crises – because the vote date is approaching.

In my opinion, this is unnecessary and illegitimate pressure. Rui Rio will certainly refrain from approving the state budget, and with BE’s votes it will be well approved. Any president must be above these situations – “friends, friends, side business” goes the old adage … to understand correctly, half a word is enough.

Tomaz Albuquerque, Lisbon

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Covid-19 vaccine

The government announced that it had entered into a contract with the AstraZeneca laboratory for the acquisition of millions of vaccines against covid-19. I do not understand the need to conclude such a contract without knowing the guarantees of success of the vaccine. There are many late-stage vaccines that could work, so why such a contract? I also do not understand why our researchers in this area do not comment on the question. Has the problem changed from a health problem to a political problem? There can be no policy without a minimum of transparency, given the high public costs of research and the high activities of private laboratories.

Mário Pires Miguel, Reboleira

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