Labor leads first poll since Boris Johnson took power on pandemic management – Observer

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The party of British Prime Minister Boris Johnson is today, for the first time since taking office, behind the workers’ opposition in the voting intentions, which will be linked to the management of the pandemic crisis, according to a poll . The Opinium poll, released today by The Observer, gives the Labor Party, led by Keir Starmer, support of 42%, while Boris Johnson’s Tories fall to 39%.

This is a sharp drop from a survey conducted by the same company five months ago, which identified 50% support for Boris Johnson and 33% for workers.

Poll released on Sunday says public approval of the government’s handling of the novel coronavirus crisis fell from 65% at the start of the pandemic to 30%, suggesting that aspect played a significant role in voting intentions . As the virus spreads again in the UK, the Prime Minister last week ordered bars and restaurants to close at 10 p.m. and enforced rules on wearing masks in shops and transport.

These measures did not improve the poll results for Johnson, however, as they did in March when the blockade was ordered. “While citizen support for the new covid-19 restrictions is strong, it has not resulted in increased government approval,” Adam Drummond, Opinium associate director, told The Observer.

The poll also pointed out that the union leader has long had a better image than the Prime Minister, although this is the first time since Boris Johnson took over the Conservative Party in July 2019 that the opposition party has also been in advance in voting intentions.

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