“I think 2035 is a good idea”: Söder calls for a ban on combustion engines – Greens are surprised – politics

CSU chief Markus Söder has been encouraged by the Greens, the Federal Environment Agency and the environmental protection organization Greenpeace for his demand that, following the example of California, no more combustion-engined cars will be allowed in Germany from 2035. Federal Environment Agency Chairman Dirk Messner told Funke Media Group newspapers, “I think a ban on new registrations for diesel and gasoline engines from 2035 is a good idea.”

Söder had said on Saturday at the virtual CSU party conference that a time had to be considered when cars with combustion engines could no longer be sold. “We have to set an end date there,” he said. Söder called the year 2035 set in California “a very good date”.

Green deputy leader Oliver Krischer said: “This is an increase in knowledge that we hardly expected.” to demand redemption premiums for new ones. So far, Söder has campaigned to boost sales of petrol and diesel cars with buy-in premiums. Greenpeace traffic expert Marion Tiemann said: “If even the chairman of the Christian social combustion fan block calls for an end date for diesel and gasoline, then traffic is on the rise.” (AFP)

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