Portuguese woman raised over a thousand euros after living a week as a refugee – Observe

A Portuguese resident in the United Kingdom who took up the challenge of living a week with the same food and the same quantities as a refugee raised more than a thousand euros for a humanitarian organization. Diana Amaral, originally from Coimbra, but currently residing and working in Northampton, central England, took on the challenge of the “Ration Challenge” organized by the Concern Worldwide organization during the month of September.

For a week, instead of the usual diet with lots of fruits and vegetables, she was “shocked” to see that she would have less than two kilos of rice, 400 grams of flour, 170 grams of lentils, 85 grams of chickpeas. , a can of beans, an onion, two eggs and 330 milliliters of vegetable oil to survive.

“It was tough, but I wasn’t as hungry as I thought. Most impressive is the high nutritional value, as most of them are dry foods. I had to eat rice almost every day and I had to drink a lot of water because of the constipation, ”he told Lusa news agency. The doses are intended to replicate the normal food of a Syrian refugee in Jordan, where around 660,000 people are held in camps.

Diana Amaral said that. due to the small quantities, “I was constantly thinking about food”, but at the same time I couldn’t complain as I always had “a comfortable roof and a bed to sleep in”. Having lived in the UK for almost six years, Diana Amaral, 31, learned of the challenge through social media and identified with the campaign as she is in touch with stories of refugee children working in Northampton Social Services.

So far, he has raised £ 953 (1,042 euros), most of it from friends and family, money entirely intended to buy food, hygiene kits and other items needed to help refugees that the Portuguese considers Covid19 “.

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