Lisbon PSP arrested 20 people and seized weapons and drugs | PSP

The Lisbon PSP on Saturday arrested 20 people, including four for driving under the influence of alcohol, and seized several weapons and drugs, according to a statement released on Sunday.

According to a note from the Lisbon Metropolitan Command (Cometlis) of the PSP, eight people were also arrested for driving without legal authorization, four for driving under the influence of alcohol, three for illegal possession of a weapon, two for theft, two for disobedience and one with an arrest warrant.

During the same police operations, 1.62 grams of ecstasy was also seized; 1.40 doses of cocaine; 2.80 doses of heroin and 1.92 doses of hashish; two hunting rifles; a revolver; 109 ammunition and two bladed weapons.

The day before, the Lisbon PSP detained 40 people, including 15 for having been the subject of arrest warrants, 14 for driving without a license, four for driving under the influence of alcohol, two illegal immigrants and one for resistance and coercion on employees, among others. offenses.

A pistol, a revolver and a shotgun, an electric weapon, 87.90 doses of heroin, 338.65 doses of cocaine and 39.72 doses of hashish were also seized.

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