Switzerland must reject the proposal to limit immigration from the European Union – Observer

Swiss voters have rejected a proposal to end the agreement with the European Union on the free movement of people, according to a poll by the SRF station. According to information published on Sunday on the results of the referendum, around 63% of voters are expected to reject the proposal of the far-right party, the Swiss People’s Party (CPS).

The votes are still being counted and the final results are expected to be announced within hours, the BBC said.

Although not a member of the European Union, Switzerland – home to more than 200,000 Portuguese – accepts that European Union nationals have access to free trade and cooperation in areas such as transport and education.

Supporters of the proposal to scrap the deal with the EU argue that Switzerland could control entry by choosing which immigrants it wants. Opponents reacted with a risk of recession, in addition to the end of the agreement depriving hundreds of thousands of Swiss citizens of the right to travel and work across Europe.

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