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The secretary general of the PCP defended this Sunday that reality shows a structural crisis of capitalism, which the covid-19 pandemic has accentuated, giving as an example the United States of America, contrasting that socialism is the future. In an intervention in Voz do Operário, Lisbon, during the opening of a PCP conference to mark the bicentenary of the birth of Friedrich Engels, Jerónimo de Sousa paid tribute to the German philosopher, who wrote with Karl Marx the “Communist Party manifesto”, and expressed pride in his heritage.

“It is socialism, not capitalism, no matter how ‘humanized’ or ‘green’ they try to sell it, which is the future of society,” argued the PCP general secretary, at this occasion, reiterating his party’s commitment to the “revolutionary project” and to its determination to “fight for socialism to become a reality for the Portuguese people of tomorrow”.

According to Jerónimo de Sousa, “the covid-19 pandemic has shed even more light on this question”, because “it has accelerated and deepened trends whose causes are at the heart of the structural crisis of capitalism”, demonstrating that “the capitalism is not only incapable of providing solutions to the problems of workers and peoples, because this tends to aggravate them and to lead the world into a terrible social and civilizational regression ”.

This is socialism not capitalism no matter how hard they try to sell it ‘humanized’ or ‘green’ it is the future of society

Jerónimo de Sousa, head of the PCP

“Deep capitalist contradictions are even more exposed and the dogmas of savage capitalism, which some call neoliberalism, crumble when we see great powers plunged into chaos and deep social conflicts, as is the case with states -United of America, ”he stressed, for example.

According to the secretary general of the PCP, “reality shows that capitalism is not, cannot be and will not be the end of history” and its “inhuman face” became more visible during this period. “However, as the founders of Marxism already stated, do not expect capitalism to fall on its own,” he added.

Jerónimo de Sousa ended his speech by concluding that the “unity, organization and struggle” of the workers and the existence of “a strong, permanently strengthened Communist Party” are essential.

“Under the conditions of Portugal, the communist society that the PCP indicates to our people goes through the stage that we have called ‘advanced democracy’, the basic definition of which is based on the conception that democracy is at the same time political. , economic, social and cultural ”, he declared.

The secretary general of the PCP argued that “there are no” models “of revolutions, nor” models “of socialism” and that for their implementation it is necessary to “take into account a great deal of diversity of solutions, stages and phases of the revolutionary struggle “.

“It is with the deep conviction that socialism is projected and materialized in the future of the people that, celebrating the 200th anniversary of the birth of Friedrich Engels, we reaffirm the determination of the PCP so that the future of socialism becomes a reality for the Portuguese people of tomorrow ”He declared.

In this intervention, Jerónimo de Sousa also spoke of “socialism in the Soviet Union”, considering that, although defeated, he had “extraordinary economic, social and cultural achievements” which “demonstrated the superiority of the new society”, and that ‘we cannot erase its “irreplaceable contribution of the USSR to the great revolutionary conquests of the twentieth century”.

The PCP claims there is an attempt to regress decades

According to the secretary general of the PCP, “in the shadow of the pandemic” of covid-19, a “new wave of centralization, of concentration of capital, is launched, using the pandemic as a pretext to intensify the exploitation of workers and ‘oppression. neocolonialist of peoples, thus attempting to further unbalance the distribution of wealth at the global level in favor of capital ”.

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“It is this same nature which is at the origin of the ‘new normal’ theories with which they attempt to draw a new framework of social and political relations, where individualism, isolation, the lack of collective perspectives, fear, repression, conformism, compartmentalization of rights and obscurantism are used to regress decades of achievements in the field of labor rights – including the very concept of the employment relationship -, social and democratic, ”he said. he argued.

According to Jerónimo de Sousa, “at the same time, the arms race is intensifying and the sources of tension and interference of aggression against sovereign states are increasing, and the most reactionary and aggressive sectors of imperialism are playing more and more in fascism and in war as a way out of the insatiable contradictions of the capitalist system ”. “The class struggle, which the ruling class would like to contain, stretches and becomes more acute”, he said, arguing that “the demand for the revolutionary overtaking of capitalism is more current and necessary than ever”.

Without speaking of specific cases, the secretary general of the PCP warned that there are “vast maneuvers underway to develop new lines of capitalist accumulation, notably in the technological and environmental plan” and a “thick ideological curtain of lies. , disinformation, manipulation, which aims to contain the struggle of workers and peoples ”.

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