PS / Madeira wants to renegotiate investments in public-private partnerships | Regional government

The president of the PS / Madeira defended this Sunday that, faced with the worsening of the economic and social situation in the region due to the pandemic, the regional government should “reduce spending”, by renegotiating investments in the two partnerships public-private road network.

“The economic and social situation in the region is getting worse,” Paulo Cafôfo said at a press conference held in the municipality of Santa Cruz, near the east of Funchal.

The socialist leader of Madeira stressed that “in August there was a [do número de desempregados], five times higher in Madeira than the rest of the national average ”.

Because of this situation, he argued that “a strategic program to apply the European funds that the region will receive” is necessary, and “a reduction in expenditure”. “We must look at the regional budget and see where we can reduce it, allocate these funds to those who need it most, namely for social support, but also for the recovery of the economy,” he said.

The responsible and deputy PS / Madeira stressed that this week, a draft resolution will be debated in the Legislative Assembly which recommends “a negotiation between the regional government, Vialitoral and ViaExpresso (public-private partnerships) so that there is a reduction in the annual amount paid by the executive to these concessionaires for the maintenance and operation of the expressway and expressway ”.

In the view of PS / Madeira, the funds allocated to these concessionaires would represent “savings” which could be “allocated to the recovery of the economy” in the region.

Paulo Cafôfo pointed out that the Regional Budget / 2020 has allocated a budget of around 82 million euros “for the maintenance and operation of these roads, a value which is calculated according to the volume of traffic and expenditure of ‘interview”.

However, given the current situation caused by the covid-19 pandemic, he argued, “people have been forced into isolation and there has been a reduction in economic activity, which means that the volume of traffic and the impact on the roads are less “.

“If we have fewer vehicles to circulate, because of the pandemic, but also because of economic activity, if the deterioration of the roads has less impact because there are fewer cars to circulate, what is needed to do is a negotiation so that there is a reduction of this annual budget. », Declared the president of the PS / Madeira.

Paulo Cafôfo said that the party bench, the largest opposition party in Madeira’s parliament, made up of 19 deputies, “had already presented this proposal when the virus emerged and, in April, the president of the government announced that he would proceed with renegotiation “.

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“But the truth is that we are at the end of September and nothing has been done”, he stressed, specifying that with this measure the region could “save at least 25 million euros” , an amount that could be channeled to support the recovery. of the archipelago’s economy.

According to the latest data published on Saturday by the regional health authority, Madeira has recorded 54 active cases of covid-19, reporting 211 confirmed situations and 157 patients cured.

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