According to a poll of voters, the majority wants the election winner to decide on the successor to Ginsburg – politics

Following the death of Ruth Bader Ginsburg, US President Trump wants clearly conservative attorney Amy Coney Barrett to succeed him in the US Supreme Court. Trump announced the nomination of his favorite candidate on Saturday, whom he plans to nominate ahead of the presidential election on Nov. 3.

For the US president, the nomination becomes a campaign tool. Because the Catholic Berett is considered an anti-abortionist. She also went against the health reform known as “Obamacare”. This makes Berett’s candidacy interesting for ultra-conservative voters.

But with this plan, the US president is not fulfilling the will of the majority of the voters. Because they mainly want the election winner to occupy the vacant seat at the Supreme Court. This was the result of a national survey by the New York Times and Siena College.

According to this, 56 percent said the winner of the presidential election should determine Ginsburg’s successor. 41 percent of voters supported Trump in arranging the nomination of a judge appointed for life.

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The poll also found that 50 percent of voters trust Democratic candidate Joe Biden when choosing a successor to Ginsburg. 43 percent were in favor of US President Trump.

Trump’s nomination also doesn’t reflect the will of the majority of voters when it comes to abortion issues. According to the poll, 60 percent voted that abortion should be “always or mostly legal.” 33 percent said abortions should be “always or mostly illegal”.

In addition, 57 percent of voters agreed that they support the Obama administration’s Affordable Care Act. 38 percent were against it.

She could be Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s successor on the Supreme Court: Amy Coney Barrett. Photo: – / Rachel Malehorn

The appointment of the 48-year-old attorney has yet to be confirmed by the Senate. The Republicans have a majority there – they make up 53 senators out of 100. The hearings begin on October 12; the vote should take place at the end of October and thus only a few days before the elections on 3 November.

Should Barett’s nomination be confirmed, the Conservative judges would have a clear majority in the Supreme Court. You would then hold six of the nine seats, which could change American society on fundamental issues such as abortion, immigration, and discrimination.

According to the survey, Biden is ahead with 49 percent

According to the poll, held from 22 to 24, 49 percent of voters would vote for Democrat Joe Biden in the presidential election. Republican Donald Trump received 41 percent of the vote.

This means that Biden is at the forefront in most groups – especially with the young target group between 18 and 29 years old, the democratic opponent can score. According to the poll, Biden got 61 percent of the vote here. Trump comes in at 26 percent. Biden also leads the way with women and non-white voters. However, Trump is leading with white voters (49 percent). (with dpa)

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