Gustavo Veloso is Volta’s first yellow jersey in Portugal | Cycling

Gustavo Veloso, of W52-FC Porto, is the first leader of the Volta in Portugal. This Sunday, at the start of this special edition of the Volta, the 40-year-old Spanish cyclist won the Fafe prologue, in the form of an individual time trial.

Veloso, Tour winner in 2014 and 2015, was the fastest to run the seven kilometers of the “stopwatch”, overtaking Rafael Reis (Feirense) and Daniel Mestre (W52-FC Porto).

Regarding the remaining favorites for the final triumph, Jóni Brandão lost 6.93 seconds against Veloso (a positive record for a cyclist generally uncomfortable in the time trial), while current Tour champion João Rodrigues, spent another 7 77 seconds.

This Monday is the first stage of the race, in an East-West connection between Montalegre and Viana do Castelo. This is the longest stage of the race, with a small climb at the end of the course.

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