With more seats in churches than in bars, how to live the faith in a confined area of ​​Madrid – Observe

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The extraordinary mass that the parish has scheduled to finish receiving all the faithful and fill the capacity of 30% imposed in the places of worship of the districts of Madrid, confined since Monday, is now over. It is 10:45 a.m. and while a woman is walking with a suitcase on her shoulder to sweep, a boy walks by with a disinfectant device on the benches to get everything clean for the next mass. The Church of Santos Justo Y Pastor, located in the heart of Parla, which has around 20,000 inhabitants, is one of the two places identified by the Autonomous Community of Madrid as the main sources of infection with the new coronavirus. But Father Jaime, responsible for the diocese, wants no one to be afraid.

Antónia, 70, abandoned the church, wearing a red blazer and black pants. The make-up, although wearing a mask, the hair arranged, goes with his friends Jesus and Erminia. “I am not afraid, if I have to be beaten I will be beaten anywhere,” said the voice of those who suffered closed in their homes for two months, in March and April, when Covid-19 entered the city and clogged hospitals. “My sister is 89 years old and doesn’t leave the house,” she says. “I have a friend who is still going out, who is just going to buy what she needs and who will come home soon,” Jesus corroborates.

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