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CGTP-IN celebrates its 50th anniversary on October 1st. Construction of workers, heir to the organization and struggle of generations of women and men against fascism, the CGTP-IN has made an important contribution to the realization of freedom and democracy, the constitutional recognition of rights , freedoms and guarantees for employees, valuing work and affirming April values.

The strength, longevity and success of CGTP-IN are based on a union project that is plural in ideas and converging towards class objectives, which brings together unity with democracy, independence with solidarity and the struggle for demands against mass unionism, inseparable. the defense and conquest of labor and social rights, the achievement of democracy in its multiple aspects, political, economic, social and cultural, and the safeguard of national sovereignty.

Assuming that there is no neutrality in the confrontation between labor and capital, the CGTP-IN faced the ideological offensive, resulting from the dismantling of the socialist model, the unipolar worldview, the submission from social democracy to neoliberalism and the subordination of political power. economic and financial power.

A life marked by advances and setbacks in labor legislation, labor law, collective bargaining, public services and the social functions of the State. A struggle which, during these 50 years, has united its forces and its wills to defend the rights, the dignity of a people and the sovereignty of the country.

The hard times and the fight against EU and IMF interference, inevitability, resignation and blackmail. It is this force based on principles, values ​​and causes that broke down barriers, overcame obstacles, mobilized society against child labor, fought precariousness, defeated the social security ceiling, gained 40 hours , valued wages, defended public services and it has favored the erosion of the social and electoral base of absolute majority governments, confirming that there is no “political stability” that can withstand the struggle of the workers and people against policies that promote injustices and social inequalities.

But the CGTP-IN asserts itself not only for what it has done, but above all for what it does and its prospects, in a context where the maintenance of the structural problems affecting the country and the appearance of the pandemic of covid-19 has opened the door to an economic recession. , in which the crisis appears again as an “opportunity” to further reduce the gap between the rich and the poor.

These are the reasons why the CGTP-IN continues to take time with the struggle of those who work, for increased wages and upright jobs; promote the professions; respect for working hours, personal and family life; improving public services; equality against all types of discrimination; intergenerational solidarity; the realization of the rights of migrant workers, the fight against racism and xenophobia and the defense of the environment.

Central axes of an alternative policy which values ​​workers and humanizes labor relations as a counterpoint to the capitalist offensive which, under the pretext of scientific and technical development, appropriates its added value, using new technologies to maintain d old habits of extortion, where the 4th industrial revolution rhymes with exploration; artificial intelligence to exclusion; “uberization” with the commercialization of industrial relations; digital platforms with precariousness; teleworking with harassment at work, extension of hours and isolation from the professional group.

Offensive which takes on new dimensions, when faced with the legitimate concern of the population vis-à-vis covid-19, it sows fear, manipulates public opinion on the exercise of political and trade union rights, promotes dismissals , cut wages and deregulate working hours, in a political context. that the abundance of financial support to the large employer contrasts with the scarcity of funds made available to workers and families. A situation which obliges the Government of the next OE to respond to the structural problems of the country, to strengthen the capacity of public services and to override the solutions necessary for the population to the obsession with reducing the deficit. A process in which public administration employees, having been seen as “heroes”, can no longer be treated as “bad guys”, given the just demand for increased wages.

Times that require resistance and daring. Times to fight conformism and immobility. Moments of organizational strengthening, clarification, mobilization and combat. This fact implies the expansion of the response capacity of the Unitary Trade Union Movement where the plurality of ideas should not be confused with the parliamentary parliamentarization of trade unions, but as a central element for its functioning open in discussion and democratic in decision-making. , strengthening unity and building strategic commitments for union action.

An essential response to attempts to divide workers and to the resurgence of corporate unions, with mercantilist, individualist and adventurist conceptions which, under the pretext of a supposed momentary interest in real problems, as soon as their potential is exhausted, employees vote abandonment in the face of abandonment. patronage and isolation from society.

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No matter how intense the ideological intoxication, inequalities and injustices replace lying and manipulation, so it’s a struggle to keep stopping and winning.

The response to workers’ problems requires a break with the harsh standards of the Labor Code, which the PS government insists on maintaining and who are responsible for exploitation and working poverty. Institutional “social dialogue” cannot turn into an employers’ dictatorship, to block and destroy sectoral collective bargaining and mutilate freedom of association and the right to strike. Workers’ rights cannot be left out of business and they cannot function as bunkers, where employers have the “right” to exploit and workers the “duty” to accept exploitation. Freedom of association is an inalienable right of workers and a fundamental basis of democracy which must be respected and encouraged.

The CGTP-IN has a vision which carries the rights, freedoms and guarantees inextricably linked to the country’s growth, economic development and social and territorial cohesion. It is a time when the strength of reason, the hope for a better future and confidence in the ability of workers to organize and to demand, calls us to actively participate in this union project, the main protagonists of which are women and men who were neither mistaken nor hesitant before. the difficulties, which do not adapt and do not protest, which do not bend and do not propose, which do not give up fighting for a developed and sovereign Portugal.

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