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Education is an area to which some give relative importance, but on which many give their opinion for everything and for nothing, as in football, believing themselves to be holders of the absolute truth, whatever ideology they profess.

This year – the virus was not enough – we were recently surprised by a petition against the discipline Citizenship and Development (CD), followed closely by a petition in favor of its compulsory nature. We are faced with a passionate and passionate discussion, from the outside to the inside of the schools, staying away from the one who needs to be heard, showing an unbearable politics, which does not arouse the interest of public opinion, except for a small number of experts in the subjects which apparently dominate.

For three years, the CD has been integrated into the curriculum as an independent subject, compulsory in the 2nd and 3rd cycles. The thematic areas are topical and bring together a consensus in Western civilization: human rights, gender equality, interculturality, sustainable development, environmental education, health, sexuality (the main issue), media, institutions and democratic participation, Financial literacy and consumer education, road safety, risk, entrepreneurship, world of work, security, defense and peace, animal welfare, volunteering, although others may be eligible, given the unique profile of different educational communities.

The lack of curricula or textbooks refers to careful guidelines available on the website of the Directorate General of Education, with autonomy given to schools for the selection of fields, as well as the format of the approach and exploration. of these, with the greatest respect and adaptation to the age group of the students. students.

Having said that, I do not understand, and I reject, the claims of “indoctrination” aimed at inflicting a new ax on the teaching class, worthy of the respect and consideration of all sectors of society. The practices of Portuguese youth are not even on the minds of teachers, at least in public schools. These are intelligently critical, autonomous, reflect and defend their own positions. These vile conclusions are suppressed, legitimized by the bad arguments of those who want a cane to support the impossible.

I believe that the two opposing factions are sinning in not expressing an intention to listen to students on the issue at hand. Giving them a voice should be mandatory in order to understand that CD lessons motivate them, encourage claims among them, allowing them not only to develop the ability and power of argumentation and oratory, but also to enter in contact with guests / specialists who energize the sessions and debates, stimulating critical thinking on contemporary themes of personal and / or universal interest. The participation of the students reaches maximum values, clearly benefiting from a less explanatory class and more open to the active cooperation of all. And so, the 50-minute weekly discipline ends quickly, much to the dismay of students, eager for the knowledge and skills that best prepare them for their future life projects.

The content conveyed does not seek to transfer a simple personal opinion or belief, so that conscientious objection can be invoked.

With the aim of elevating the future of education and taking into account the influencing power of the signatories on both sides, I propose that they focus their efforts on promoting solutions to the really real problems plaguing the education system. .

I recognize that families often resign, or do not know or do not have time to transmit the values ​​of citizenship, the rules of conduct, relationships and coexistence in society, forcing the school to take care, to educate their children and young people over the years.

I am convinced that schools are safe places, just as plural places are also assumed, which respect disparate opinions, whatever the underlying ideologies, where freedom of expression is established and increased.

In order to elevate the future of education, and taking into account the influencing power of the signatories on both sides, I propose that they focus their efforts on promoting solutions to actually real problems plaguing the educational system, such as, for example, model of access to higher education, the rejuvenation of teaching staff, the design of a technological plan in education and the enhancement and dignity of the teaching career.

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Only then would they present themselves as allies of education!

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