The New York Times Reveals Tax Returns for Trump, Who Has Not Paid Taxes in 10 of the Past 15 Years | United States

Donald Trump only paid $ 750 in federal income tax the year he won the White House. After a year as President of the United States, he only paid another 750. And he paid no income tax for 10 of the previous 15 years. The revelation is made this Sunday by the American daily New York Times, which claims to have obtained numerous tax documents concerning Trump and his business empire.

The newspaper writes that “the tax returns that Trump has long struggled to keep in private tell a fundamentally different story than the one he sold to the American public.”

“His statements to the tax authorities paint a portrait of a businessman who receives hundreds of millions of dollars a year, but who suffers chronic losses which he resorts to aggressively to avoid paying taxes,” the newspaper read. newspaper, which adds that the documents still show that Trump’s business world is currently heavily dependent “on companies that place him in a potential and sometimes direct conflict of interest with his role as president.”

The NYT also reports that Trump owes around $ 300 million in loans that fall due in the next four years, and that the current US president still stands to lose “more than $ 100 million” if the result is negative. a tax audit. a refund of $ 72 million that could have been requested fraudulently.

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In an initial reaction, and at a White House press conference, Trump called the NYT investigation “fake news” and said he would be prepared to reveal his tax returns, but that he is prevented from doing so due to an audit of the tax which has existed for several years.

On the business side of Trump, attorney Alan Garten told the NYT that “most, if not all, of the published research” appears to be incorrect, saying that “over the past decade President Trump has paid off. tens of millions of dollars in personal taxes to the federal government ”.

This Sunday’s news comes just over a month before the US presidential election on November 3, in which Trump runs for re-election to the White House with Democratic candidate Joe Biden. The NYT has announced that it will release more details on this investigation in the coming weeks.

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