Video recordings from a Berlin bar: AfD spokesperson wanted to let refugees into the country to gass them later – Politics

The AfD parliamentary group in the Bundestag threw out its former press spokesman Christian Lüth after reports of inhumane comments about migrants in a TV documentary. Group leader Alexander Gauland announced the termination without prior notice in the group meeting and had already notified Lüth personally, a spokesman for the German news agency in Berlin said Monday. The decision in the council was unanimous. The whole group supported the vote.

Although he never had a mandate, Lüth was long regarded as very influential in the party – also because he worked closely with Gauland. Lüth often stood next to the party’s top officials at press conferences. Former AfD chairman Frauke Petry unsuccessfully tried to get rid of Lüth, who was the party’s spokesman at the time. However, there was no majority on the board for such a move.

The fact that Lüth is now putting the chair in front of the door has to do with a documentary from station ProSieben – with the title: “Right. German. Radical. “Whether the official quoted there is really Lüth has not been officially confirmed. The face of the AfD member, which was filmed meeting a blogger in a bar, is not seen in the footage.” We can’t say what was said at the meeting that apparently took place, “said group spokesman Marcus Schmidt.

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The man, whose statements the broadcaster said will be repeated from a memory protocol, is said to have said during the meeting, “The AfD is important; And that is schizophrenic, we talked about it for a long time with Gauland: the worse things are going for Germany, the better for the AfD. ”

When asked “if it would be in your (Lüths, editor’s note) interest for more migrants to come,” he said, “Yes. Because then the AfD will be better. We can shoot them all after that. is not a problem at all, or gas, or whatever you want.

Gauland told the German news agency: “The statements attributed to Mr Lüth are completely unacceptable and in no way compatible with the goals and policies of the AfD and the AfD parliamentary group in the German Bundestag.” The claim he had with Lüth “about them.” Just talking about topics or I would even have approved of the statements attributed to Mr. Lüth is utterly absurd and fictional, ”he added.

Lüth has been on leave since April

Gauland had said in a “Spiegel” interview at the end of 2015, when the party was in better shape despite the resignation of thousands of members: “Of course we owe our revival mainly to the refugee crisis.”

Lüth was the party’s first spokesman and later the group’s press spokesman. He was released in April after allegations were made that he had called himself a “fascist” in an interview. Most recently, he was under discussion for another position in the group. According to a spokesman, he resigned from the AfD in the summer. The exit was confirmed in August. Lüth was initially unavailable for comment.

The AfD faction in the Hessian state parliament stated: “Racist, anti-Semitic statements and violent fantasies have no place in the AfD. We are very pleased that the Bundestag executive committee acted swiftly and fired Christian Lüth with immediate effect.”

“Lüth likes to provoke, and he knows a lot about some of the leading officials of this party,” said a former member of AfD’s federal executive who did not want his name published. “I have no words for Lüth’s statements,” said a former colleague.

Sharp criticism came from the SPD. ) It is again the AfD that has such people in its ranks, ”criticized SPD vice president Katja Mast. Lüth’s statement “horrible, inhuman and openly right-wing radical”. “This is poison for our country and it makes me sick.” (Tsp, dpa / AFP)

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