‘There is no room for institutional wrangling during pandemics,’ says president | Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa

The President of the Republic defended Monday that “there is no room for institutional quarrels during pandemics” and that in this context stability must override electoral cycles and “particularistic or personal promotion visions” .

“This is a lesson we learned before the pandemic, but which we developed with the pandemic: there is no place for institutional quarrels during pandemics, there is no place for quarrels institutions during a very serious economic and social crisis “, declared the Head of State at the end of the 5th Tourism Summit at the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation in Lisbon.

A warning to the government and the parties about the importance of approving the next state budget, after the PCP affirmed its position that it will not sign the 2021 accounts “crossed”. Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa, who is in the last six months of his mandate and sent in November a decision on his possible re-election in the presidential election of 2021, he wants to have guarantees that the OE is approved and that he there is no room for political crises which he already considered as “fiction”.

In the current context, he now insists, “there is no place for the head of state to say one thing, the head of government to say another, the government to say another. and Parliament to vote on another and regional or local authorities to do the opposite “.

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“It’s not a problem for someone to lean more or less against anyone. It is about looking at the national interest and realizing that in a situation, it is not critical, it is very critical, stability is essential ”, added the Head of State, arguing that in countries where there was instability during the current covid-19 pandemic “the management was terrible, it is terrible and it will be terrible”.

According to the President of the Republic, at the moment citizens want to see in the positions of the various political leaders, “beyond the diversity inherent in democracy, a line of direction which means that it is above the interests particular electoral cycles, personal positions, collective interest ”.

“Because the pandemic, be astonished, does not know electoral cycles, because the pandemic does not know politico-doctrinal or ideological sensitivities, because the pandemic does not know particularist points of view or of personal promotion or of personal affirmation. Economic and social crises are not normally either, “argued Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa, noting with irony:” It may be a failure, but it is the reality of health and it is the economic reality. and social ”.

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