Doctors in Madrid are exhausted and know everything will get worse. Angelica and Dyana share how history repeats itself – Observe

If this Monday the union maintained the strike it even called general practitioners, Angélica Gutierrez would be one of the many to join. But after “intense” negotiations, the Asociación de Médicos y Titulares Superiores de Madrid (AMYTS) called for a last-minute shutdown after being assured by the Health Council that more professionals would be hired for the service. bureaucratic. Work that has been accumulating since the start of the pandemic.

In Angelica’s stories, 60% of what she does now is “paper, paper, paper”. It is to hang on to the phone, to pass the wounded through and to lift them, a “monotonous and“ mentally tiring ”job of management and for which I should not waste so much time, given the lack of doctors who now feel in good health. Spain. Again.

“There’s a part of management that doctors weren’t prepared for. Before there were one or two victims, now they are weak, weak and weak and it’s just paper. We don’t do medicine, we do a lot of injuries, follow-ups. It means holding the phone, ”he describes. According to the AMYTS press release, with the agreement now signed, in the medium term, general practitioners will be released, thus allowing this service to be more attractive and not to lead them to attempt to move to other areas.

But not only are the doctors unhappy. The conditions in the health centers led many people to demonstrate in the streets. Last Thursday, 50 protests took place at the Madrid health center to demand better health care. With doctors overwhelmed with bureaucratic tasks, patients are left behind.

“Outside our region. Get out of here. “Clashes in Madrid after a demonstration in front of a confined district

“There is no other solution,” Angelica told the Observer. At the service of the Orcasitas health center, in Usera, one of the parishes most affected by the new coronavirus and with an incidence rate of more than 1,000 positive cases per 100,000 inhabitants, in the last 15 days, Angélica specifies that each of the doctors The health center has between 1,200 and 1,500 patients. Just do the math, since five doctors work every morning and afternoon, and there are about 10,000 registered in this health center, not counting the children who are followed by pediatricians.

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