Up to eight years’ imprisonment for a group that sold stolen items in northern Ukraine – Observer

The Porto court has handed down sentences of up to eight years in prison to three thieves who took items worth € 336,920 from 18 houses in the north, selling them in Ukraine, the prosecutor said on Monday.

The heaviest sentence was for an accused who was involved in 17 out of 18 thefts.

The court proved that the other thieves, in addition to having participated in 11 thefts in one case and 10 in another, committed the crime of violence after taking away, for having attacked the tenant of one of the stolen houses, which surprised them during the crime. The injured person was beaten while the attackers “had already put their hands on a golden rope”, according to the deputy.

In a judgment handed down by the São João Novo (Porto) Criminal Court earlier this month and this Monday made public by the Porto Regional Prosecutor’s Office, it was proved that a fourth defendant, a woman, had received the objects stolen and had sent them to the Ukrainian market.

“To do this, he camouflaged the objects in boxes, packed between food products, shipping them by land to transport companies”, reports the deputy, explaining that the defendant was sentenced for the offense of having received , to the penalty of five years in prison, suspended in his execution for the same period.

The thefts were committed between January and July 2019, in houses in the district of Porto, Vila do Conde, Guimarães, Maia, Braga, Matosinhos, Porto and Póvoa do Varzim, as well as in Lisbon.

Essentially, gold, fine watchmaking and silver items were stolen.

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