Ion Aliman was re-elected chairman of the board on Sunday. But he had died of Covid-19 ten days earlier – Observe

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Of the 1,600 inhabitants of the parish of Deveselu who went to the polls this Sunday for the municipal elections in Romania, 66% voted for Íon Aliman, current president of the junta, to keep him in office for the third term. . But after the publication of the results, which guaranteed the re-election of the mayor of the Social Democratic Party (PSD) for the third time, supporters went to party for the cemetery.

Ion Aliman died ten days before the elections, on September 17, victim of Covid-19, at Colentina hospital in Bucharest. It was too late to remove the mayor’s name from the ballots, so the people of Deveselu decided to take the opportunity to pay their last respects: the absolute majority, precisely on the day the council chairman would turn 57. .

The celebrations next to Ion Aliman’s grave were recorded and shared on social media. As they placed lighted candles and bouquets of flowers next to the mayor’s gravestone, supporters said, “This is our victory,” The Associated Press translated. And they promised, “We will make you proud. We know that somewhere up there he will watch over us ”.

In another Romanian city, Sadova, the mayor died just hours after being elected with 45% of the vote. Eugen Safta suffered a heart attack. The medical team, who had been called by the family as soon as the politician started showing the first symptoms of discomfort, tried to revive him, but to no avail, Romania Insider reports.

This is not the first time that such a situation has occurred in Romania. In 2008, in the town of Voinesti, junta president Neculai Ivascu, in office for two decades, died shortly after the ballot box was thrown, suffering from liver disease. He was 57 years old. Even after learning of Ivascu’s death, locals continued to vote for him and re-elected him, with a margin of 23 votes over his opponent, Gheorghe Dobrescu. At the time, the Election Commission handed over the post to Gheorghe Dobrescu, despite protests from the opposition.

Now, according to Digi24, a Romanian digital newspaper, the local electoral council will appoint a vice-president of the elected party, who will remain in office until the date of the new elections. But, according to the people of Deveselu, it will be difficult to find a suitable politician. “You will never find a president like him,” said a woman heard by the Romanian media: “He was a real president for us. It was on the side of the village, respected all the laws ”.

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