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One million deaths from covid-19

The news was published by international media on January 11. “61-year-old man died of pneumonia in the city of Wuhan, China after an outbreak of an as yet unidentified virus, while seven others are in critical condition,” Reuters wrote that day . The man, a regular customer of a city’s “seafood market”, it has been described, had developed severe pneumonia. But he had already diagnosed other pathologies, including abdominal tumors and chronic liver disease. “He died on January 9,” in the hospital, after doctors tried to treat him with anti-infective drugs and ventilator-assisted breathing. He also added to Reuters in his news that Chinese health officials said they did not have “clear evidence” that what appeared to be a new coronavirus and that it was making some people sick, especially sellers on the market, where live animals were sold. food consumption, were transmissible from humans to humans.

Countries with more deaths by continent

confirmed cases 33,273,720 33,273,720

* Country of more than 10 million inhabitants

The top ten causes of death in the world

In millions

Note: the top ten causes of death, according to the latest data released by the World Health Organization in 2016

Other major pandemics in the world

Countries, United States infected, 205031 Brazil, 142058 India, 95542 Mexico, 76430 United Kingdom, 42090 Italy, 35851 Peru, 32262 France, 31744 Spain, 31411 Iran, 25779 Colombia, 25641 Russia, 20299 South Africa, 16586 Argentina, 16113 Chile, 12698 Ecuador, 11280 Indonesia, 10473 Belgium, 9980 Germany, 9468 Canada, 9321 Countries, Deaths per million Peru, 978.5 Belgium, 861.1 Bolivia, 673.2 Spain, 668 Brazil, 666.8 Chile, 661 , 3 Ecuador, 639.3 United States, 618.6 R. Unidos, 618.5 Mexico, 592.8 Italy, 592.7 Panama, 542.3 Colombia, 500.9 France, 486.1 Netherlands, 371.5 Ireland, 364.9 Argentina, 348.5 North Macedonia, 348 Kosovo, 321.8 Armenia, 320.9

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