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For some countries, travelers now require a negative corona test. But getting the evidence sometimes creates a lot of excitement. What travelers need to know who need a negative test:

In which countries is a negative corona test required?

It is mainly countries outside Europe that currently require travelers to pass a negative Corona test. These include popular holiday countries that can become interesting travel destinations, especially in winter. The condition is always: the result may only be two or three days old.

What should the test look like?

It differs from country to country. “Travelers need to know exactly what the certificate should look like”, says Prof. Tomas Jelinek of the Berlin Center for Travel and Tropical Medicine (BCRT). “For example, some want the passport number and the exact time of the test.”

Vacationers should not assume that the corona test will be available within minutes Photo: Hans Klaus Techt / APA / dpa

The Center for Travel Medicine (CRM) provides an online overview of the Corona admission rules for all countries. However, the rules can always change in the short term. The travel and safety information from the Federal Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the websites of the German embassies abroad can also help.

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Where can I get a corona test as a traveler?

It is best for travelers to contact their doctor or a special practice for travel medicine at an early stage.

“Under no circumstances should you drive to the airport just before the start of your journey in the hope that a smear test will be taken there, the result of which will be available within minutes, so that you can board,” says Andreas Bobrowski of the Association of German Laboratory Physicians. A PCR test still takes about four hours plus the time for sample preparation, transport to a laboratory and return of the result. The health department is also not the right place.

Some countries require a negative corona test upon entry. Photo: Arne Dedert / dpa / dpa-tmn

How much does the corona test cost?

Anyone who needs a corona test to enter a country is usually symptom-free. In that case, the test is not covered by the statutory health insurance.

Under the reimbursement scheme, the test for private patients costs about 120 euros, Bobrowski says. For example, the Center for Travel Medicine in Berlin costs 123 euros including certificate.

Will my tour operator pay me for the test?

Mostly not. The German Travel Agency (DRV) generally considers travelers an obligation. The requirement of a corona test by the destination country is a later change to the entry rules, similar to the introduction of a visa – the holidaymaker has to bear the additional costs here. However, the tour operator must inquire whether the holidaymaker needs to show a quick test to enter the country.

How long will it take to get the result?

There is theory and practice here. According to the regulation of the Ministry of Health, the result must be available within 24 hours after the Pap smear and the analysis in the laboratory, Bobrowski explains. The RKI would also provide for this period in consultation with the WHO. In the past, however, this could partly not be sustained due to bottlenecks in the purchase of materials, says travel doctor Jelinek. (dpa)

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