Back to school with uniforms that break tradition is Tin Tunsopon’s proposal | Thailand

In Thai classrooms, showing traces of creativity or rebellion through what you wear is not easy. The use of the school uniform has so strict rules that define how the hair should be cut and the type of socks and shoes that are allowed to be worn.

But students across the country are challenging rules they see as archaic and joining a larger movement for democracy. At the forefront is Tin Tunsopon, a young fashion designer who supports movement through fashion.

The young Thai man transformed the traditional pleated skirts for girls and formal shorts for boys – both in white shirts – into exaggerated versions with huge collars and lace-up sleeves.

“By recreating these uniforms and giving them different designs, people realize that we shouldn’t be connected to the uniforms anymore. [tradicionais]Tin Tunsopon, 23, told Reuters. The model line called “Rule Breakers” (in Portuguese) was launched in collaboration with lingerie brand Wacoal in June, with prices ranging from $ 100 to $ 475 (between around 85 euros and 406 euros).

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According to the designer, the new versions of the uniforms are designed for “today’s girls who are not afraid to speak out and move with confidence.” And he adds: “These uniforms break with the traditional way, even if they have traces of the originals. I want to help children to be as creative as possible. “

The Thai brand is called “Post-Thesis” (Post-Thesis, translated into Portuguese), a nod to his final project at the University of Bangkok where he studied the purpose of uniforms and how they can be redesigned. .

The movement through Thai secondary schools has been called “bad pupils” by the country’s leaders. Students wear white ties, publicly cut their hair, and greet each other in The Hunger Games movie style, in an attempt to call for change in the rigid education system.

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