In October, there are “drag queens” on the cover of “Vogue” Brasil | People

Singer Pablo Vittar and rapper Gloria Groove, two of the most famous Brazilian drag queens, will be the highlight of two separate Vogue Brasil covers titled “Eleganza Extravaganza”. The magazine will hit newsstands from October 9.

“I want, I can, I can. I always knew I was going to get to where I am, ”Vittar said in an interview with the magazine. “It’s okay to love yourself, to take care of yourself. People need to learn to respect you for who you are. In 2018, Pablo Vittar became the first drag queen to be nominated for the Latin Grammys with the song Sua Cara.

Rapper Glória Groover, writer of songs like Coisa Boa and Gloriosa, mentioned in the interview that she searched for Vogue’s most iconic covers, realizing her turn had come. “I’m living a dream and I’m delighted with the invitation because being here makes drag queens fashion icons.”

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There were over 45 wigs, 40 pairs of gloves, 5 shelves full of clothes, 20 clips, 44 eyelashes and countless extra long nails on the set to orchestrate the covers of #VogueOutubro, which has as a second queen cover, multi-artist @gloriagroove. “I came in the car looking for the magazine’s most unique photos and absorbing the fact that now it’s my turn. I’m living a dream and I’m always excited about the invitation because it places drag queens like fashion icons, ”she said between one touch-up and another in author makeup. “I am very happy that we are occupying spaces like this, I feel at home. I think I was born for this”. In November, Gloria made her debut as the host of the Brazilian reality TV show “Nasce uma Rainha” on Netflix. To find out more, check out the bio link and see the final result on the Globo + app and in kiosks from 9. (Photo: @hickduarte; Fashion edition: @ pedrosales_1; Beauty and hair management: @ henricando85; Nail Artist: @robertamunis; Management Board: @david_jensen and @pativeneziano, from @wborn_productions Image processing: @bragatel; Scenography @anaarietti) #VogueOutubro #GloriaGrooveNaVogue

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In recent years, the LGBT community has won some battles for their rights in Brazil: in 2018, the passage of a law allowed the change of name and gender in the identification documents of transgender people without the need for sex reassignment surgery. ; and in 2019, the Federal Supreme Court criminalized homophobia and transphobia.

However, in political and social terms, people who identify with the letters of the LGBT acronym still face many stigmas, starting with the President of Brazil himself. Jair Bolsonaro has publicly condemned “gender ideology” – a term that rejects ideals related to sexuality and gender identity.

Vittar has been a strong supporter of LGBT rights and a critic of Bolsonaro’s words and policies. The highlight now given to drag queens by Vogue Brasil has been well received by the community, as well as by political opposition to the president.

“I’m so proud! May we continue to occupy more and more places,” David Miranda, gay Brazilian congressman, wrote on his Instagram. “Live for all we are and represent!”

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This isn’t the first time that a drag queen has made the cover of Vogue Brasil. Uyra Sodoma was one of four activists included in this September edition.

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Emerson Munduruku is a biologist, master of ecology, educator, visual artist and one of the “Guardians of the Forest” who illustrated our four covers for September. His link with the Amazon rainforest is atavistic: he was born in Santarém, Pará, on the banks of the Tapajós river. His activism for the people who live there is materialized in the artistic performances of @uyrasodoma, an entity created by him and which calls itself “The walking tree”. In addition to bragging about Indigenous culture, Emerson also shines a light on black and LGBTQIA + communities. “We will continue to insist on living,” says the artist, photographed, like everyone else, in Anavilhanas National Park, in Novo Airão, in early August. The 26 Vogues du monde has hope as the central theme of the September edition. For us, it is in the preservation of forests and those who live there. (Photo: @hickduarte; Fashion Edition: @ pedrosales_1; Beauty: @silviogiorgio; Executive Direction: @david_jensen / @wborn_productions) #VogueForHope #VogueHope #VogueSetembro

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