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Lying on the beach, covered in sand and with only her head out, during a practice, a recruit was forced to drink alcohol to the point of falling into a coma, being assisted at the hospital in Faro.

Two freshmen were taken in the middle of the night by a group of veterans to the middle of the Serra da Estrela. Hidden in the blankets of academic outfits, the freshmen didn’t know where they were, but, they knew, they were at the mercy of the veterans. There, in the middle of nowhere, they were forced to undress and answer a series of questions. For every wrong answer, an assault. And maybe they were freshmen, they photographed them naked to share in a private group.

In Coimbra, and in exchange for gunshots, the first-year students were forced to undergo a series of sexual practices, find someone to bite their tail, kiss a friend or strip on stage without forgetting to show their chest.

In Famalicão, a member of the tuna died of assault in normal practice, being forced to do push-ups and then hit the back of his head with a magazine. Result: fracture of the first cervical vertebra with extensive hematoma in the right cerebellum.

At Colégio Militar in Lisbon, three first-year students were assaulted to the point of leaving one with a pierced eardrum and the other in a wheelchair for a month.

A group of freshmen from Coimbra, again Coimbra, were forced to tie their penis to a string attached to a brick, that brick in their hands. Every freshman was blindfolded on the stairs, where they were forced to throw the brick between desperation and fear as a veteran crossed the line. Not happy, the veterans put their own penises in a glass of water, the water ingested by the first year students.

In Santarém, a female student was treated with pig manure on her face. Insulted and prevented from using her cell phone, she was abandoned several kilometers from her home.

In Oeiras, 11 freshmen simulated a bank robbery as part of a routine.

In Leiria, a first year student suffered a ruptured brain aneurysm after academic practice that culminated in the “baptism” at Fonte Luminosa.

In Beja, a student stopped breathing during a practice. Interned in intensive care, she never recovered, eventually dying a year later and leaving a four-year-old daughter.

Should we continue? Continue to accumulate stories of violence and suffering year after year? In the name of tradition? What tradition, when lives are lost? The lives of those who leave, the lives of those who stay.

That is why this message, year after year, repeated itself to the point of exhaustion until the last university and the last polytechnic stopped allowing praxis and violence on generations and generations of people. ‘students.

Young man say no to practice, say no to subjugation, insults, cheap paint and perfumes on hair, clothes and skin, say no to crawling or wheelbarrow through Campo Grande at the cutting edge of technology, say no to diving in city fountains just because, because it’s baptism and every day is baptism, say no to videos in underwear or without clothes just because it’s for TikTok, Insta or Snapchat, and no the video does not go away, says no to undress, no to privacy violation, shame and guilt after the real violation , there were three veterans and what could you do.

The practice is harassment, it is intimidation, it is a threat to physical and psychological integrity, it is a crime, inadmissible, unacceptable, unnecessary, superfluous, consumable, it is non-acceptance on the other, it’s discrimination, it’s misogyny, it’s homophobia.

The practice is outdated, but it is not dead. A reminder of the days of the other lady, this is nothing but the cowardly exercise of power by veterans over freshmen under the umbrella of a so-called tradition that insists not to rhyme with inclusion or acceptance, while gratuitous aggression is the dominant verb.

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The practice is the fear, always has been, the fear of those who have just arrived and do not know the corners of the house, neither the corners nor the colleagues. Freshmen, freshmen, will always be easy prey to the inclemency of vengeance-thirsty veterans, themselves victims of past practices and now holding the reins in hand.

And be disillusioned if you think this is the way and the way to find your place in higher education. This is not the case, the veterans do not want to know more about the worms, the worms walk on their knees, the worms crawl, the freshmen crawl and a family is raising a son and a daughter for it, from so that brutality takes precedence over fate.

Let’s finish the practice. Once and for all, stop the practice. And if they are already banned in Porto and Lisbon, the University of Coimbra does not ban them, ensuring that they follow the guidelines of the Directorate General of Health and seeking to ensure that a tradition is maintained. long stained with blood. And so it’s a matter of time before ignorance opens the news.

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