The road to the 2020 US election: Tonight Trump and Biden will deliver the first TV duel – politics

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Donald Trump or Joe Biden? Elections will be held in the US on November 3 and the first TV game will be on Wednesday evening. We follow the election campaign on the blog.

Who will be in the White House next year? Joe Biden (left) challenges US President Donald Trump Photo: Jim Watson and Brendan Smialowski / AFP

It will be a few weeks for the Americans to elect their president. Will you choose the incumbent Donald Trump or challenger Joe Biden? The election campaign really gets going with the first TV game on Wednesday evening. We guide both this game and what happens for you afterwards on the blog.

More about the US election campaign:

What matters in the first TV duel

The climax of the US election campaign is upon us. Trump’s strength: his bad image, Biden’s weakness: his old age. A guide.

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