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Centro Multimeios de Espinho reopened to the public on Sunday after months of closure and now, under municipal management, it is giving the stage to local cultural agents, the municipality revealed on Tuesday.

The stake is the cultural equipment of this municipality in the district of Aveiro, which, after the extinction of the former Navegar Foundation, in 2012, was managed by the ADCE – Association for the development of the municipality of Espinho , which assumed responsibility for the physical and human resources of the structure. on condition of receiving for this purpose approximately 250,000 euros per year in support from the town hall.

However, the association is no longer able to make ends meet, after which the municipality took over the management of the space, absorbing its staff in the public interest, redefining its programming strategy and focusing, for the moment, in the resumption of the regular exhibition of films and in the programming of the dates of use of the auditorium and other spaces of the house by the local entities having cultural activities.

“Given the sanitary restrictions of that time, the planetarium is still not a recommended option for schools and therefore the priority is the cinema, which has daily exhibits at a nominal price which, at this point, is of four and a half euros. or five euros, and includes “the offer of a coffee and a candy to each spectator”, explains Vicente Pinto, vice-president of Câmara de Espinho, in Lusa.

With a good distance between the places, the room has a capacity of 100 to 120 people and will present one commercial film circuit per week, with screenings from Tuesday to Sunday, at 4.30 p.m., and with additional screenings from Thursday Sunday at 9.30 p.m. .

On Wednesday evening, different features of Multimeios will also be available to organize events promoted by communities and other institutions of Espinho, thus opening the building to initiatives such as shows, congresses, conferences, trainings, etc.

“We have bet on this openness to the community because we have received many requests for events and conferences. On Wednesdays and Sundays a month, we will give free space to associations wishing to carry out their initiatives there, ”says Vicente Pinto.

On Sunday, once a month, the focus will be on activities for families and school groups, precisely because, in the current epidemiological context, this type of collective initiative “has suffered from many restrictions and forces us to create different proposals “.

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The new equipment programming strategy is however still being finalized, the vice-president of the municipality promising a “news”, foreseeable within two months.

It is certain that in November Multimeios will once again host a new edition of Cinanima – Espinho International Animated Film Festival, the organization of which is under the responsibility of the Cooperativa Nascente.

“As far as the Chamber’s responsibility is concerned, what we can guarantee is that the municipal management of Centro Multimeios will not cost us more than before. With some adjustments, it could even become cheaper for the municipality, without prejudice to any of its activity offers – not least because what we are preparing is a way to dignify the space and put Multimeios on the map of main cultural facilities of the country. », He concludes.

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