Questions of the day: Tighter corona rules in Germany and TV duel in the US – that was important today – politics

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What happened?

What was discussed?

Caricature: Klaus Stuttmann

Repository, no thanks ?! They want to shoot the Söders and Weils on Mars, and the nuclear waste right behind it. Maybe Elon Musk can help. A very personal tirade from our editor-in-chief Lorenz Maroldt.

The car industry is much further than politics: in the business plans of VW & Co. Data for the phase-out of the combustion engine has long been included. But politics is about concrete decisions. This harms the industry, says Henrik Mortsiefer.

Digital education: The special evaluation of a 2018 Pisa study shows again and very drastically that digital education in Germany is in bad shape. Germany is far behind internationally. Why is so little being done about it, asks my colleague Miriam Schröder (to see how far behind Germany is, look at the issue of the day below in the newsletter).

Fighting between Armenia and Azerbaijan: Russia has long benefited the unresolved conflict. Turkey is now intervening. The conflict is therefore also a danger to the EU, explains our Eastern Europe expert Frank Herold.

What can Tagesspiegel subscribers read?

How Divorced Kids Get Happy Again: After a relationship ends, the discussion often continues. As a result, some children lose contact with a parent. A guide to doing better.

These are the helpers behind Laschet, Merz and Röttgen: they usually remain invisible. But especially in Corona times, candidates for the CDU presidency depend on advisers and helpers in the background. We give an overview.

“Lessons can take place outside, regardless of the weather”: Didactic researcher Christoph Mall wants to pick up children from school during the Corona crisis – so they can stay in school.

Home office can be so chic: Desks are celebrating a comeback since many employees work from home. Michael Hilgers develops ideas on how city dwellers can work from home.

What can we do?

Go to the cinema: The Human Rights Film Festival is showing documentaries from around the world until October 10. They are about the fight for human rights and the courage of the opposition.

Going to the opera: Richard Wagner’s “Walküre” – despite Corona: the Deutsche Oper launches its new “Ring”, directed by Stefan Herheim.

Visit an exhibition: The Italian Cultural Institute shows its 45 years of paintings. Letizia Battaglia documented the mafia war, as well as her hometown Palermo.

What do I need to know for tomorrow?

FC Bayern will play against Borrusia Dortmund for the Supercup at 8.30 pm. The new star of Bayern, Leroy Sané, is out of the game. The ZDF broadcasts live.

The TV duel Trump vs. Biden will rule the news. On you can follow the game live from 3 a.m., and we also accompany the debate with a news blog.

The trial against ex-Audi boss Stadler and three of the car manufacturer engineers begins in Munich. The public prosecutor’s office has accused her of fraudulent emissions from diesel engines.

The EU’s Brexit deadline for Great Britain is rising. The UK government wants to legislate to overturn parts of the EU exit deal negotiated in 2019 and already in force. The EU has given London until the end of September to withdraw the plans.

Number of the day!

76 – Germany scores in this position in an international comparison when it comes to digital in-service training for teachers. That is the result of a special evaluation of the latest Pisas study. Even Moldova and Kazakhstan clearly depend on Germany. No wonder homeschooling was so chaotic during the pandemic.

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