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Among Us’s challenge is simple: on a community map, each player has missions to complete to keep the spaceship operational. It sounds simple, but what makes over 141 million people play it? The fact that among the players – whose only difference is the color of the character – one, two or three are impostors.

Among Us has been around since 2018, but only now has it gained prominence among groups of friends – and strangers. According to the Sensor Tower data analytics portal, on September 14, the mobile version of this game reached 86.6 million downloads on the Play Store and App Store. The popularity increased as several game streamers started streaming the game on platforms like YouTube and Twitch.

Over the past 30 days, according to the SteamCharts portal, this game has averaged 141 million players. In November 2018, the first month recorded and the year it was launched, it averaged 2.3 players. The rise started in 2019 and now, in 2020, the graph continues to move positively: in August, there was an average of 18.7 million players, totaling around 123 million in September.

Without predicting this wave of membership, the creators considered the launch of Among Us 2. The current version “cannot support so much content and so many users at the same time”, they explain on the official site. However, seeing the community’s passion for the first one, they decided to cancel the release and improve the existing version. According to officials, improving the game will not be easy. Initially, the changes planned for Among Us 2 will be applied in this version, then the core game code will work again. In the words of the team, it was “probably the hardest decision” they made.

“Everyone asks ‘who is the impostor’, but nobody wants to know how they feel,” one reads. Keep the meme

What happens when you are the impostor?

A match can take place between a group of friends or with random strangers and usually lasts a few minutes. The ship is occupied by crew members – the good guys, let’s say – and impostors. Unlike crew members, who must complete simple tasks to reactivate the ship, impostors aim to quietly wipe out the rest. Along the way, they can sabotage the ship, creating unrest and hampering the performance of other players. The impostor looks the same as everyone else, which makes him difficult to identify.

Once a corpse is discovered on the map, the player who found it reports the death to the ship. Then the players are gathered in a chat room where they can defend themselves. Here a new challenge arises. Through argumentation, the innocent will try to prove that he is, and the impostor will influence the conversation so that he is not suspicious of him. Once the discussion is over, everyone votes for the player they think is an impostor. The most voted one is kicked out by the team, and after being kicked out they know if it was the impostor or not. Otherwise, the request continues.

Basically, it’s a team game. The only setback is that the impostor can be infiltrated into this group. Thus, mistrust reigns. Although the essence is “good” versus “bad”, here each player is alone.

How did he get so popular?

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At the root of the popularity of this game are the streamers who broadcast it on different platforms. In the case of Twitch, a platform where streamers play live, Among Us has nearly two million subscribers and nearly 73,000 viewers. The game has also become popular with the community thanks to memes circulating the internet. In this way, it reaches those who already practice it and those who do not know it.

You can play with us on your phone or on your computer. In the first case, it is available for Android, via the Play Store, and for iOS, via the App Store. On the computer, the game is not free, so it is necessary to make your purchase. For those interested, the game is available on Steam for 3.99 euros.

Text edited by Amanda Ribeiro

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