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The post is vague, does not mention names or numbers, which is common in fake news that goes viral. There is a link to an article in “El Correo de España”, August 19, which is no longer than three paragraphs. “The Hamburg medical examiner Klaüs Puschel, whom I told you about yesterday, is not alone. Bulgarian and British colleagues confirm that nobody died because of the Covid-19 ghost ”, we can read at the beginning of the text. The information is false and was denied by the expert cited. As for the other “Bulgarian and British” doctors, no data shows that they even exist.

Klaus Püschel – this is how the name is spelled correctly and not as it is mentioned in the Spanish news – was clear in the statements made to the AFP news agency saying “can [confirmar]That the news is “fake”.

Director of the Institute of Forensic Medicine at the University Hospital of Hamburg-Eppendorf, Germany, Püschel came to put the impact of the new coronavirus into perspective, arguing that it almost exclusively killed the elderly and other diseases. In May, fake news circulated guaranteeing that the German doctor had claimed that no one had died from Covid-19. At the time, the observer’s fact-checking showed that the expert’s quotes had been taken out of context. At that time, as now, he never said that he had not detected the virus. What he explained is that in Hamburg, where he works, he always found other diseases that already existed in these people. The sample was local, it could not be generalized, as happened.

“Of course, the Sars-Cov-2 pandemic is real. It is not a lie. In Hamburg, we autopsied 170 deaths [causadas] by the novel coronavirus and we have published the results in the most reputable medical journals. However, compared to other viral infections (SARS, MERS, influenza), Covid-19 is a “normal” disease. It is not a “killer virus”, even if it affects countless people in poorly governed countries and fragile health systems, “he told AFP. The institute headed by Klaus Püschel has confirmed that since the start of the pandemic 239 people have died in Hamburg from Covid-19.

It is not true that forensic scientists in several countries have discovered during autopsies of patients killed due to Covid-19 that after all, the virus does not exist. The viral post is vague and does not provide concrete data. The only identified doctor, Klaus Püschel, claims the statement is “false” and that the new coronavirus “is not a lie”.

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