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Since the start of the pandemic, many countries have instituted some restrictions on movement, both at land borders and by air and sea. There are even cases where it is necessary to submit the test to Covid or spend 14 days in isolation while traveling from a particular country. This was the case of a post on the Facebook page,, released on September 26 of this year, where, through a video, it was said: “So Portugal is going to block or has already blocked people who are in Sweden for not using the dictatorial measures that are used here? It hit 7.9 thousand views. This is, however, a false message.

The observer contacted the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, which transmitted its response to Order No. 8777-C / 2020 on “the extension of measures applicable to air traffic to and from Portugal”. In it, we find information that categorically denies what is leaked in the original post:

Allow air traffic to and from Portugal for all flights to and from countries that are part of the European Union [da qual a Suécia faz parte], the countries associated with the Schengen area and the United Kingdom under the terms of the exit agreement between the EU and the United Kingdom ”, indicates the order.

In other words, there is no indication that proves the veracity of what is said in the video.

Then, the author of the video, in addition to referring to politicians, in general, as “scoundrels”, does not cite any news or rely on any official information to say that Portugal has decided to ban the entry of Swedish citizens. He even confuses the information he discloses. Subsequently, he advises Portuguese living in Switzerland to “transfer their money to Swiss banks”. In other words, there is a clear confusion between two countries with a similar name, to which it refers exactly, which is not noticeable.

Mainly because it was the second country to include Portugal – and not the other way around – in its list of high-risk destinations, which means that anyone traveling from the national territory is required to do a 10-day quarantine, as Observer reported last Friday.

There is therefore no evidence to indicate that Portugal has blocked entry or imposed restrictions on anyone traveling from Sweden.

It is not true that Portugal prevented the Swedes from entering Portugal. The ordinance on the extension of measures applicable to air traffic to and from Portugal allows all citizens from countries of the European Union, including the country mentioned, to travel here. The author of the viral message confuses Sweden with Switzerland in the video and does not demonstrate how he obtained the information conveyed.

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