PGR argues that European states have not done enough for children’s rights – Observer

The Attorney General of the Republic defended on Tuesday that the action of European states in defense of children’s rights was insufficient and warned against “the uncertainty” created by the pandemic in “aspects of children’s lives who had taken for granted ”.

National plans and policies for the protection of children’s fundamental rights in the European area have so far failed to achieve the desired levels of sufficiency capable of effectively guaranteeing their protection, at least in essential and priority areas. The truth is that the challenges have multiplied recently and that uncertainty reigns over a universe of aspects of the life of children that were taken for granted, ”defended the Attorney General of the Republic (PGR), Lucília Gago on Tuesday. , in 13 European Forum on the Rights of the Child.

In her speech, Lucília Gago defended the need for a European strategy on the rights of the child, which “will allow a collective vision of the challenge that has lasted for a long time”, elects key areas of action and defines priorities “with more rigor ”.

“To end violence and make positive changes in children’s lives, it will be necessary to start taking action from early childhood. Member States need a strategy defining policies for integrated development from early childhood, ”said the PGR.

Referring to the emergence of the Covid-19 pandemic, “a global tragedy, unexpected and the proportions of which are not yet fully known”, Lucília Gago argued that “the well-being of children must continue as an indisputable objective of Europe ”and that issues such as health, education, protection and support for the family must be included“ in the priority horizon ”.

The PGR also addressed the program for welcoming unaccompanied minors from the Greek islands, “which is nothing more than the recognition that children cannot be deprived of their dignity.

It is essential to guarantee the commitment of each Member State in the adoption of internal strategies which concretize the essential and priority objectives defined in the European strategy and that the monitoring of the implementation of the strategy by the Member States is guaranteed. Equally relevant is to recognize that the development of the strategy will be a means of giving children a voice on their concerns and their needs, since we are in the presence of an initiative which cannot miss their margins ”, a concluded the PGR.

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