FarmVille closes on December 31st. No more virtual farms on Facebook | Facebook

In 2021, it will no longer be possible to play FarmVille, the game that popularized virtual farms and Facebook vacancy and chicken notifications. The news, released this week by creator Zynga, is not unexpected: after December 31, Flash, an Adobe technology used to develop much of the educational, visual and entertainment content online between 1996 and 2010, including the Farmville game, will no longer be updated and distributed.

Paid FarmVille subscriptions end on September 26 and it is no longer possible to purchase in-game extras (gear, bonuses, credits) in mid-November. The company does not refund credits (virtual money) obtained for use in the game and suggests people spend them until December.

“We’re sorry if this ending catches you by surprise,” the company wrote in a statement at the end of the game that was posted on Facebook. “FarmVille was the first farm game we created and relies on old technology that is no longer supported,” explains the Zynga team. “We hope this three month period will give you enough time to say goodbye to the game.”

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Although the game’s fame has waned since its launch in 2009, there were still 10 million active users in the past two months (in 2009 it was triple). At the peak of its popularity, there were 32 million daily active users, even inspirational TV series and several similar games.

The game’s creators are hoping fans will try out a new FarmVille mobile app that they are in the process of developing and hope to launch soon.

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