Covid19. The European Union raises awareness of the government of Guinea-Bissau on ecological economics – Observer

The Europa Group met with Guinean Prime Minister Nuno Nabiam on Tuesday to “sensitize” the country’s authorities to invest in the ecological economy to deal with the negative impacts of the pandemic caused by the new coronavirus.

The delegation, led by the Embassy of the European Union in Guinea-Bissau, Sónia Neto, came to sensitize the government on the need to invest in the ecological economy to help the country cope and fight against the impacts of Covid-19 ″, wrote the Guinean Prime Minister, in a message on the social network Facebook.

According to Nuno Gomes Nabiam, the meeting reiterated “the firm and unwavering commitment of the European Union to the ongoing political dialogue process and to the strengthening of cooperation between Bissau and Brussels”.

“We hear with great satisfaction the full openness of the European Union team to further strengthen the ties of friendship and cooperation with our country, as well as the desire to support the efforts of Guineans towards the desired sustainable economic development. “, emphasizes Nuno Gomes Nabiam.

The European Union, along with its member states, is Guinea-Bissau’s largest multilateral cooperation partner. The Europa Group includes, in addition to Ambassador Sónia Neto, Ambassador of Portugal, José Rui Caroço, Ambassador of France, Terence Wills, and Ambassador of Spain, Juan Urdiales.

What brings us here today is an effort on behalf of the European Union and the Member States, which aims to appeal to and sensitize the Prime Minister to an ecological recovery of the Guinean economy in the aftermath of the crisis generated by the pandemic, ”he declared. to the press after the meeting with the Ambassador of the European Union.

Sónia Neto also underlined that her “mission in the country is to develop all efforts to strengthen the good and harmonious relations that exist between the European Union and the Republic of Guinea-Bissau”.

According to data released on Monday by the Covid-19 High Commission, Guinea-Bissau recorded 38 new positive cases last week, bringing the cumulative total to 2,362.

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