Road to 2020 US Election: President Meets Challengers – Trump and Biden in First TV Duel – Politics

“Trump is an immoral narcissist”

Butch Rogers, 61, is an accountant and former evangelical pastor. He is committed to the “Operation Grant,” an initiative of Republicans in Ohio who oppose Donald Trump.

Why are you standing here protesting Donald Trump? We at Operation Grant know how dangerous the president is, who he is. He is a threat to our democracy and wants to be like Vladimir Putin: an oligarch. Most Americans made a decision a long time ago. We want to reach the Republicans who voted for him in 2016, had to look at what he did for the past four years and now have enough.

What annoys you the most?

We do not have a leader in the pandemic, our budget deficit continues to grow, and Trump wants to undo health care reform in Obamacare. He is an immoral narcissist who only thinks about himself.

What is your strategy?

The elections in the swing states were sometimes so tight that only a few tens of thousands of votes made the difference. We think we can reach some of the doubters who will vote for Biden – that would make all the difference. We cannot reach those who are fully convinced.

What do you expect from the debate tonight?

Trump becomes Trump. He will insult, act and play the strong man. I just hope Biden stays cool. He has to show America that it will be an easy decision: who can run the country? Who has empathy and character? This is what it’s all about.

Are you nervous about Biden being provoked?

I am happy and nervous at the same time. Trump will attack Biden’s family, as he has before. Biden is very sensitive and defensive to such attacks. Trump knows Biden just needs to show he’s the statesman I think he is.

What topics should Biden focus on?

He has to talk again and again about the threat to Obamacare and Trump’s failure in the pandemic. And he must not allow Trump to usurp the subject of the economy and praise himself without being contradicted. Biden must emphasize that the good economic development started with the previous Barack Obama administration and with himself. It is not Trump’s achievement! And of course he has to talk extensively about the fact that Trump pays very little tax because his companies are suffering such huge losses.

(Juliane Schäuble asked the questions.)

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