The road to the 2020 US election: “Would you shut up?” – Trump and Biden have a wild TV duel – politics

Topics of a wild duel: election fraud, rights, Biden’s son

A good month before the US presidential election on Nov. 3, Trump accused his political opponents in the Democratic Party of falsifying the result with fraud. “I hope it will be a fair election,” Trump said in the first TV duel with Biden. “But then thousands of ballots are manipulated – I cannot accept that.”

Trump was referring to an incident made public in late September in the alfalfa district of Philadelphia, US, where nine ballots were found by military personnel. “Bad things are happening in Philadelphia,” Trump said. ‘You found ballots in a trash can. They all mentioned the name Trump. The president again spoke out strongly against the postal vote, as these votes were easily manipulated from his point of view.

When asked by moderator Wallace whether the candidates wanted to influence their post-election supporters to avoid potential unrest, Trump replied that he would call on his supporters to keep a close eye on vote counting. Such “poll watchers” are “a very safe, a good thing”.

Challenger Biden called on Americans to vote “as it suits you best” – either by letter or directly at the polls. Trump is trying to prevent citizens from voting. That is why he himself says: “Come and choose, choose, choose!” In any case, he will accept any result, whether he wins or loses. Biden said, referring to Trump, “He can’t stay in office, that’s not going to happen.”

According to surveys, significantly more of Biden’s supporters than Trump’s want to vote by mail. The widespread postal vote could mean that there is no winner on election night.

Trump again declined to promise to recognize the outcome of the presidential election regardless of the outcome. The incumbent dodged pertinent questions and spoke again of alleged mass fraud in postal votes.

Biden, on the other hand, said he would acknowledge the election results: “I will accept it.” It’s okay if he loses, said the Democratic opposition candidate. If he wins, he wants to run for president for both “Democrats and Republicans.”

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