“Lafontaine makes mascots for Sarrazin”: ex-left leader turns comrades against himself – politics

The provocation was supposedly charged. Former left-wing chairman Oskar Lafontaine showed up at a luxury hotel in Munich along with former SPD politician Thilo Sarrazin – causing a storm of outrage among party friends.

“You do something like that if you want to destroy the left,” tweeted his deputy chairman Martina Renner. The racist Sarrazin goes on a promotion tour for his new work – what is meant is his new pamphlet “The State at its Borders” – and Lafontaine, as party leader in Saarland, “makes the mascot and is supported with anti-refugee statements”.

The left-wing politician in Saxony-Anhalt, Henriette Quade, a domestic politician in her parliamentary group, also expressed her indignation in the service for short messages: “Really, it pisses me off. So many stable comrades are doing great and important work and so often face confrontations from Lafontaine and Co. When will it stop and when will we finally draw conclusions? The man has lost nothing in the left. ‘

And also the departing leftist member of the Bundestag, Niema Movassat, sharply criticized: “It really doesn’t get any more disgusting. Oskar Lafontaine appears with the racist Sarrazin and says that refugee children cost too much. “Getting on the poorest people and playing other poor people like that is unacceptable.

CSU veteran Peter Gauweiler also took part in the book review – he had appeared several times in recent years with Lafontaine and his wife, former left-wing group leader Sahra Wagenknecht.

Despite several biographies, Lafontaine, Gaulweiler and Sarrazin agreed on many points, the Bavarian Broadcasting Corporation reported on the event, which was dubbed a chimney chat.

The broadcaster quoted Lafontaine as criticizing the fact that “each unaccompanied refugee child” costs $ 5,000 a month, which a social pensioner cannot convey with a clear conscience. And, when a hundred people are starving, there is little point in inviting one of them to the “gourmet restaurant” if the bill is always enough to provide bread to all those affected. Lafontaine accused the Green voters of double standards in refugee issues – he justified this by the fact that “Filipino household helpers, Polish nurses and Balkan gardeners” also toil in German “medium-sized households”.

Gauweiler started with “community service” for unemployed refugees. And according to the BR, Sarrazin whispered several times about the “population explosion” in Africa and the Orient.

“A strange retro night with scary effects”

The Bayerischer Rundfunk reporter summed up: “All in all, a strange retro night with scary effects and the particularly captivating variation of German” cosiness “, namely the desire to be spared the unreasonable demands of the world.”

At the end of July, the SPD’s highest arbitration court had declared Sarrazin excluded from the party after years of unrest. The reasoning was: The statements and demands propagated in his book “Hostile Takeover” were “so different from the principles and basic values ​​of the Social Democracy” that permanent separation from the party member was necessary. At the same time, the SPD arbitral tribunal accused him of “humiliating people, especially those of the Muslim faith”.

Oskar Lafontaine, photo: imago images / ADruk

In the spring of last year, a Thuringian SPD member of the state parliament invited controversial bestselling author Sarrazin to Erfurt in the midst of the election campaign, thus angered state party leaders under then-chairman Wolfgang Tiefensee.

The AKL party structure calls for Lafontaine’s resignation

In the left party, on the other hand, there has been considerable criticism of Lafontaine’s positions for years, especially in refugee policy. There was therefore almost regularly disagreement with the chairmen Katja Kipping and Bernd Riexinger, who do not stand for re-election at the next federal party conference in Erfurt in late October / early November. Both she and her designated successors Susanne Hennig-Wellsow and Janine Wissler avoided commenting on Lafontaine’s performance with Sarrazin on Wednesday.

However, the party structure of the Anti-Capitalist Left spoke clear language. She demanded that Lafontaine resign from all political positions in which he had to represent Die Linke: “Sarrazin is a nationally known racist who has just been expelled from the SPD after a long and painful trial. Such a racist and right-wing icon, whose books still top the non-fiction bestseller lists, should not be publicly upgraded by a leftist member. His performance in Munich was biased.

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