Interactive map: Killing of right-wing violence in Germany since reunification – politics

Duly motivated violent criminals killed at least 187 people in Germany between 1990 and 2020. But only 109 of them appear in the official statistics of the security authorities. This documentation of all names and cases is intended to give the victims a face and show that they were not victims of common crime.

The documentation was created since 2010 in a joint long-term study by Tagesspiegel and “Zeit Online”. It is based on the Tagesspiegel’s predecessor project, first published in 2000, involving the “Frankfurter Rundschau”.

Only cases have been recorded where the political motivation of the perpetrators can be considered certain. Since the start of the project, the safety authorities have revised their initial assessment in more than 40 cases and subsequently added cases from this list to the official statistics. All cases are listed and briefly described on this interactive map, which was implemented by Paul Blickle, Julian Stahnke and Sascha Venohr

The authors would like to thank everyone who supported them in the investigation – in particular the relatives of the dead, the anti-fascist press archive and education center (abapiz) in Berlin and aida in Munich, as well as press offices of judicial authorities and the police, numerous trial participants and observers. , city archives and local journalists and journalists.

Together with Tagesspiegel editor Frank Jansen, Heike Kleffner has been working as a freelance journalist on the long-term research project “Death Victims of Right-Wing Violence” since it was first published in Tagesspiegel in September 2000. Since April 2018 she is also director of the Federal Association of the Advisory Centers for Right-wing Victims, Racist and Anti-Semitic Violence (VBRG).

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